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  1. Michael Paul Cottam

    Too old for Birthdays - Has been wingman.

    My birthday today (57), but the WC CIC system on this site forgot. Haha. That's what you get for saving you guys in so many space battles over so many years. I know I'm an expensive wingman but having to buy my own birthday cake is low.
  2. Michael Paul Cottam

    New face Icon!

    I found an image of me in Privateer II the Darkening, it is now my face icon! Are people still picking me for my pilot skills?
  3. Michael Paul Cottam

    26th Anniversary - WC and Privateer Work

    It is now 26 years since I visited Origin in Texas and helped Paul Steed make Wing Commander 3 space ship models using the Origin EOR modeler. Soon after I went back to the UK and started making models for Privateer II the Darkening. EOR was hard and later we used 3D Studio and Animator Pro to...
  4. Michael Paul Cottam

    Gaia New Frontiers

    I’m starting this new thread as a base for all things related to our new Space Sim: Gaia – New Frontiers. I will be giving Wing Commander CIC the first viewings as the game comes to light. Our project will be a new way to play games and will change the way you play games forever. I hope...
  5. Michael Paul Cottam

    New Space Game

    After receiving a mail (from Behaviour Interactive Studios in Canada) asking me to apply for a position on Star Citizen, a Chris Roberts Game, it got me thinking about the good old days. I then posted on Wing Commander CIC forum...
  6. Michael Paul Cottam

    Just Joined Your Site

    Hi to all on Wing Commander CIC! It's great to see a strong interest in the work we did so long ago. Reading your forum has resulted in a wave of modelling memories. I did a little modelling on Wing Commander when I was introduced to game modelling by Paul Steed during a visit to Origin in...