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    Dragoncon Stories: DO NOT CHALLENGE THE TRUCK.

    On Thursday it was decided that we should all hit the World of Coke, a small museum dedicated to the most vile concoction mankind has ever experienced. Locally this is referred to as the Pavilion, FYI. We ventured forth and rode the halfassed subway that is the MARTA system (metro atlanta rapid...
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    Dragoncon Stories: Our good friend Eclipse

    I was going to call this a 'great' dragoncon story, because it had a few of us in stitches as it occurred, but this is one of those situations where you might have needed to be present to understand the humor. I'll relay it anyway, because Frosty says I should. Although Dragoncon is generally...
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    Great Dragoncon Stories: The Drinkening.

    The following story happened this evening. As I was the second most sober person present, and as the completely semi-unofficial Dragoncon cool story scribe, I feel I should make sure this is recorded. To begin with, I want to post a large disclaimer. This might come across as mean, or...
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    Dragoncon Anticipation/Final Planning thredz, yo.

    Well, my dear friends, it's time to do the final scrambling of packing and assembling plans for the good old DragonCon. To help all of the neophytes out, I thought I'd offer some final clothing/weathery tips. Although you can normally expect 90+ degree weather in Atlanta at this time of year...
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    Yay! Aaron Allston is on the guest list again!

    Aaron Allston Aaron Allston is the author of the Celtic urban fantasy Doc Sidhe and several novels in the Star Wars: X-Wing series. Man, his website is fugly. Oooh, lots of Farscape cast too. Might have to get these DVDs autographed.
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    EA has cancelled Ultima X: Odyssey Wheee!
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    Happy ace's Happy Month! I celebration, I offer this picture that someone told me to host for them a year or so ago. And that's followed by the most adorably adorable picture ever (that you've all probably seen since 90% of you have SA accounts now).
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    Dragon*Con: The "down and dirty"

    Well folks, we're less than five months out from the big DragonCon Extravaganza! Now strikes me as an excellent time to start discussing any information that D*C n00bs might need, as well as reminiscing about the awesome old stories of D*Cs past to try and convince more to join us in our...
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    Earth and Beyond: Dead. Would PrivO still be running? I'd like to think so. E&B was never that great, and I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. Perhaps this means EA will be looking for another SciFi MMOG concept, to try to compete with...
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    Did you use DOS?

    I have this theory that perhaps the lot of you can help me with. I won't describe the theory here, because I don't want to taint the experiment, but go along with me on this. The question is simple: Did you use MS-DOS or some variant thereof prior to Windows 95, or have you never worked with...
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    265 days to D*C 2004!

    Poor, lonely, neglected forum. Much like Frosty, really.
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    X2: The Threat (How not to suck)

    If any of you haven't checked out X2 yet but have the funds to do so, I recommend getting a peek. It's not quite the same as our beloved Privateer, but it's entertaining nonetheless. That said, the early game can be tricky, so as a service to all of you, I present: Tye's Guide To Not Sucking...
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    Because it should be shared with the world. I love this so much it is embedded as my desktop. I have found happiness.
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    Couple of completed suits

    Allllllrighty then. Most of the suits are flapped, and several (six I think... nope, five) are patched and complete. Here we have images of our two models, Tye and Monee, showing off the hottest styles of 2678 or whenever, I forget the years of WCP. Here the ever suave Tye strikes the...
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    Suits are here

    Pictures (very large, not cropped) at Modeled by yours truly. My suit and Monee's fit just fine. The material isn't the canvas of the real suit, but will serve even better. It's much much lighter, and will be reasonably comfortable in the Atlanta heat...
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    Ultima 7 Design Docs

    Someone pointed out to me today some old Ultima 7 design documents that were recently handed out by Origin. Not exactly a collectible, but a pretty interesting look into the creation of U7, as well as offering a peek at bits of plot that were removed. You'll have to copy and paste this link...
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    Advice for the Segmenters

    Knowing that there are a few of you using the segmenting, I have some advice for you. Watch the program to be sure it's working right, downloading fine, before you wander off and leave it. There's a guy trying tonight that I banned early on and has downloaded over 800 copies of me flipping...
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    Prophecy Poll

    Ok, here we go. Figured I'd give this new fangled poll thingie a shot. How many of you would ACTUALLY buy a copy of Prophecy gold if it was re-released? Now, before you respond: Don't answer yes if you don't mean it (and I know I can't trust the results anyway, this is strictly a...
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    Heya CZers! Normally I only come around to knock a few of you down a few pegs on the ego ladder (and you know you deserve it sometimes), but for now I thought I'd share a brief synopsis of Dragoncon with you and let you all know just how much fun it was! This is, of course, not all of what...
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    WCX Project

    I wasn't intending for my X-Plane conversions to count as a project, but I figure if it is, I can get a better sense of just what the other project people get to go through. So I've decided to declare mine a project and have labelled it the WCX project. So far I'm well into the fan project...