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  1. Buccura

    Quen's Scrape - Short Privateer Story

    Here's a short fan fic I wrote on and off over the course of several months. Just a disclosure that despite he fact that the main character is an anthropomorphic fox, he is not the same as the one seen in my avatar :P I didn't want this to be a total self-insert fan fic. I was hesitant about...
  2. Buccura

    When does Privateer take place in relation to the main series?

    I'm asking for a short story based on the Privateer setting I'm writing. Is there any information on when the events of Privateer take place? Would it be fairly close to Wing Commander III?
  3. Buccura

    What new features would you want in a hypothetical modern Wing Commander remake?

    I often find myself wondering, if I was designing a modern remake of Wing Commander, what features I would implement. The ideas that came to mind are; The ability to customize Blair's gender and appearance, though have the default be the classic blue hair design. The ability to walk around the...
  4. Buccura

    Best Joystick for $40 or less?

    I'm looking to get a new Joystick, but for various reasons I don't want to spend more than $40. I have my eye on a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, but if anyone knows of better joysticks I'd love to hear of them!
  5. Buccura

    Audio delay in GoG version of WC3

    For some reason in the GoG version of Wing Commander III, there is a slight but noticeable delay with the audio. For instance I shoot my guns, and about 1/2 a second later I actually hear the sound of them being fired. The delay seems to be present during the movie as well. Anyone know a fix to...
  6. Buccura

    Joystick overly sensitive in Wing Commander IV (GOG Ver)

    So I'm playing the GOG version of Wing Commander IV, which is the DVD version of the game, and while the game plays and runs beautifully, there is one issue I'm having. The joystick is way to sensitive, making combat a bit more difficult than it should, even forcing me to play on rookie. Is...
  7. Buccura

    Audio lag in the GOG version of WC: Privateer

    For some reason, the audio lags a bit in Privateer. For instance, I shoot a weapon, I'll see it but I'll hear it about a split second after I see it. It's small but still noticeable. I'm tinkering with the CONF file but I'm not finding anything that has fixed it yet.
  8. Buccura

    Improving my standing in Privateer.

    Soooooo, earlier in the game I decided a great way to make money was to hunt down lone merchant ships, blow them up, steal their cargo (and pilots sometimes) and sell them off. And I was right, I made great money this way! But, of course, now everyone (but the pirates) wants to kill me. I...