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  1. hurleybird

    Master of Orion 2

    The great thing about MOO is that the micromanagement never gets tedious. No other TBS can make that claim. Almost all the micromanagement can be done from the main screen with a system of sliders, which makes it easy to manipulate each planet lightning fast. [Sufficient subject divergence to...
  2. hurleybird

    Idea for a fan project.

    Hey guys, I have a really unique idea for a fan project that I thought I would share with you guys! Basically, this project would be very similar to the (and cancelled) wing commander feiry ardor (ardoMUSH) project which I really enjoyed before its demise. If you've never played a MUSH before...
  3. hurleybird

    Campaign bug

    If you accept a mission from a fixer and talk to the fixer afterwards before the mission is complete you will get a secound identical mission. Needless to say, this can be very bad in missions that spawn a lot of bad guys!
  4. hurleybird

    Voice acting project

    I'm looking for people to join in a voice acting project to redo the current voices in the remake. At the same time as improving the quality of the voice acting in the remake, we will also be replacing some of the 'riped' copyrighted material that is in the remake, which may help to put EA at...
  5. hurleybird

    Distances between objects/fading objects in distance

    I find that the ability to see planets and other objects in the background is distracting and makes the scene look somewhat unrealistic. Perhaps change the system sizes, or better yet, just fade out objects in the distance so they can only be seen at a certain distance. The way the solar...