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    Medal Points

    I'm looking for the medal points for WC1 fighters. Any idea where I can find them?
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    External Monitor

    I hooked up my laptop to my tv screen, but I can't move the Standoff window over. Is there a way to open Standoff as a smaller window on the desktop (a la dosbox) so I can play it on the big screen?
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    Mission tree

    Is there a mission tree available for UE?
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    Kilrathi Saga

    For anyone interested:
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    Tarawa **spoilers**

    **spoilers** I'm playing through the Ep 5 losing path, and I just arrived at the Tarawa. Very cool. Tried to fly through the ship from the front and bounced off an invisible wall at the aft end of the hanger. Tried again from the rear and found the same thing. Is this supposed to be the...
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    I've took a few screenshots, but I don't know where they saved to. Any ideas?
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    weapon stats

    What are the gun and missle stats? Did you use the original stats or modify them?
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    Flyable ships

    What is the maximum number of flyable ships allowed in Secret Ops camaign?
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    Angel's Transfer

    Does anyone know when Angel transferred off of Concordia to Special Ops? I know she was captured around the time Concordia went down, but did she transfer before or after the Battle of Earth?
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    standoff screenshots

    is it possible to take and save screenshots while playing standoff?
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    Wing commander pioneer

    Does wing commander pioneer have a new website? I've tried the link in the various posts, and it doesn't work.
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    standoff sim cheats

    I read in the thoughts thread that the alswantsmoreships cheat will unlock more ships in the simulator. is this true? and if so, are there any other cheats?
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    Kilrathi saga secret missions

    Can anyone tell me how to access the WC1 Secret Missions in Kilrathi Saga? I seem to recall the option appearing on the opening selection screen in the DOS version, but it didn't show up in the KS version.