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    Matrix Reloaded (some spoilers of course)

    The prophecy was true. Its just that they misunderstood. If everything had gone to plan, the war would have been over. The machines would have won. Neo wasnt just a means to correct the flaw in the Matrix's programming. The Architect said that himself. Neo was like... the culmination of a...
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    WCM on BBC 2

    Well... good news for you people who are able to get BBC 2 and do not yet have the movie. Wing Commander is airing on BBC next frisay (11th of october). Starts at 0:15am. Just thought I'd lett y'all know
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    One Ship Challenge

    Hey Col.Dom, what exactly is wrong with yer eyes? You nearsighted? Ever consider laser surgery or something? Or are they just no-way-in-hell-can-they-fix-those eyes?
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    Lamest WC question ever?

    let's just quote Fred Durst on this one and call it a day. "It's all about the nookie!"
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    Never played WC2

    Wait a minute. Iceman couldn't have died AFTER the Tiger's Claw disaster. Remember Hawk telling Casey that Blair had flown out and received his pod but he was cut up? But Blair was basically grounded after the incident for a looooooooooooong time IIRC.
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    One Ship Challenge

    Man, bringing down capships hasn't been the same since WC2. Torpedoing a capship in a broadsword or a sabre was an art. Don't release to soon, or the flak will bring it down, release to late and yer dead. Since WC3 bombing has just been tooooooooooo easy.
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    "Burgerlijk ingenieur" equivalent to Master of Science in Engineering in the USA and Diplom-Ingenieur in Germany. at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
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    Internet Connections

    I made a mistake in the poll. I have ADSL. Pushed the cable button I think. ADSL is pretty cool. Not the enormous speed ya get with a cable over here, but more reliable in my area.
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    What car do you drive?

    dude, ancient LADAs are cool. Hanging on to the door while ya drive so it don't fall off and stuff like that. I love it. My buddy drives a ancient Fiat Croma which I may just buy when he gets his new car. It's almost as crappy as a lada, but it doesn't have the same super low gas consumption ;)...
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    What do these thingies do?

    Torpedolaunchers is what I'd say. But why put them in such an obvious and IMO easily breakable position?
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    Running Privateer/rf/armada/pg In Windows: Howto

    I too have problems with my joystick. Even after calibration it skips around like hell and I've tried all the patches available. It's a sidewinder 3D pro. EDIT: I run on virtual PC
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    Sci-fi show farscape. Talyn's moiya's son and one bad-ass mo-fo-gunship. Man, that ship is so sweet. The 83 is an addendum cos most places already have talyn or 2 and 83's the year I was born. I think my first callsign was eagle, then blade, then haze and now finally talyn. What can i say, I...
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    Status of the WC Universe

    From what I understand, you won't be able to actually pilot the ship yourself? But i'm probably waaaaaaaaaay off here. Anybody remember that awfull microsoft submarine game-thingie called deadly tide? Man, that sucked IMO. It had a similar interface I believe. The ship would go different...
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    Party Time!

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by Ender Thisthing is on a saturday night? Nope- won't make it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, like you have a life that...
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    WC Saga shortnews

    i'll just post what Lars wrote in his email. Here are 3 pics of the new ships. They aren't the best, but you can see what they will look like. The textures are temporarly. If that doesn't work:numero uno This pic shows the new destroyer of the Snake class. This model has a...
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    WC Saga shortnews

    i really love it, it sort of reminds me of the ships the asgard had in Stargate SG-1. Really cool. just set it as my wallpaper too. But it probably won't hold out for 2 days against the Eliza Duschku pic I had on there till now :D I'd post 'em if someone tells me how. i think I've got some...
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    WC Saga shortnews

    Ah, that would explain it. Don't have any novels. Must...get....novels. But I absolutely hate e-bay or :mad: I just hate it, and of course there's no place in Belgium to get these things. :(
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    WC Saga shortnews

    Oh, love that ship in the screenshots/renders section: TCS CV-85 Iwo Jima. Very nifty, very nice. that's not a ship we see anywhere in the official series is it? I like it anyway, great work.
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    First a shitload of Belgian bands I wish to promote: rock (kinda soft): Arid (try "you are"),dEUS,K's Choice,Camden,Hooverphonic,Lemon(hard to find, but real good single: "will I see you?"),Soulwax metal/emocore/undefined (hard,raw stuff,lotsa emotion, no pure screamin' though):.Calibre...
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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    Yes, that way you can get yelled at for bringing up that topic yet again, when it's been discussed million of times. Then of course someone comes along and complains there's no search option, so he couldn't possibly heve known,so somebody explains that there are not enough resources on the...