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    Wing Commander - Concordia (movie version)

    And Tigers Claw, Dilligent and the Kilrathi com con ship. Looking for decent images - preferably orthographcs etc - of these and especially the Concordia to have a stab at a scratchbuild. No luck in the usual search engines. Any suggestions?
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    Wing Commander Ship Models

    OK asking for a favour here and in the circumstances, please feel free to tell me to XXXX off… You may have seen the occasional post from a few of us who like to build paper – yes paper – models of various sf subjects. Briefly, by getting hold of a decent textured but low poly 3D mesh it...
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    Another Noobie Question

    OK bear in mind I've played WC3 and 4 on the PSX for years so not entirely new but.. Just bought Prophecy and thanks to tips here (thank you!!) have managed to get it running smooth on an XP machine. Just bought 3 and 4 for the PC. Both in the format of a CD ROM. Now I've seen mention of...
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    Running Wing Co III and IV on Windows XP machine

    OK this must have been asked a dozen times (more!!) But - having just bought Wing Co III and IV for PC (and the Armada game) via E Bay, HOW do I get them to run on a Windows XP (service Pack 1) PC.......