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    Happy Hogmany!

    Happy Hogmany to Everyone from me! Love Scotland!
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    Dragon*Con Parade Vid

    Hi guys. I was surfing through youtube last night looking for Wing Commander stuff and guess what I found? A nice video clip of the CIC gang in the Dragon*Con parade. You can check it out at
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    Phase Shields and Torpedoes

    Hi there I was just wondering if you could answer a few questions for me about shields and torpedoes for me. 1.) If torpedoes were locked on and fired at cap ship A, if cap ship B moved to take the hit for A would the torpedoes that were meant for A penetrate the shields of B? 2.) Can cap...
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    Hi there. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how many marines a troop ship could handle? I was also wondering what kind of weapons they used? Also do most Confed cap ships have a detachment of marines onboard? Any help would be great thanks.
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    Jump Points

    Hi just a quick question about jump points. I was wondering if when jumping in system do all ships materialise in the same spot or within a certain radious of a jump point. Also i think i remember reading in one of the novels that if 2 ships were to jump at the same time and materialised in the...
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    Matter/Anti-Matter Power Plant

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me how the matter/anti-matter power plants that are in Dragons and cap ships work in the Wing Commander universe. Is it like a mini warp core like the ones in star trek or does it work another way? Ive read about the fuels scoops in the novels and picking...
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    PC in battle re-enactments

    Battle re-enectments are cool but did you hear about the re-enactment of the Battle of Trafalgar recently? They got Brittish and French ships together but to keep the froggies from being sour about loosing they changed the sides so that it was the reds vs blues. Talk about PC gone mad. Now you...
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    Rachel on Brittish TV

    Did anybody else in in Britain see "The Child Star Jynx" on channel 4 at 21:50. If you did you would have seen the actress that plays everybodys favourite grease monkey Racheal Corialis (name spelt right?) talking about porn star Tracy Lords.
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    Armed Forces

    Sorry if this topic has been brought up to man times before but I was wondering how many Wing Commander fans have served in the military and if they did what branch? Also do you have any intersting stories or amusing anedotes about the military?
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    WC Platform

    Hi i was just wondering what other fans thought about which platform gives the best WC experiance? I know the pc is great at playing all the games but when you consider that playing on a console means that you dont have to worry about the games not working on modern computers what is the best...