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    Shielding question.

    The features of the WC Academy ships is great, but you guys made it a point to say the Sivar dreadnought had three times the amount of shielding as a vessel of matching size... Now, my question is, what's the point of all the shielding, when a single locked torpedo will cut through any amount...
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    Non WC-related Dragon*Con Question

    did any of you guys visit the adult swim booth or catch their panel? they were plugging dragon*con pretty heavily on their cards... Also, they had a picture of a group of people in WC uniforms- did you guys happen to pose for any of the Adult Swim crew?!
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    Pencil sketches within...

    A lot of people around here already know what i do everyday, but what i haven't mentioned yet is that I like to think of myself as a writer as well (on the side) ...............I'm a writer (on the side) Anyway, now that that's outta the way, I just finished a two year project that can be...
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    The picture in the news

    who all is seated around the table, if you don't mind my asking. I recognize Loaf and Chris Reid (i think), but would anyone mind going around the table and attaching names (at least forum names?) to the faces?
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    Taking pics in game?

    When I'm flying around in WCSO, I sometimes get inspired and hit the Print Screen key. I hear a camera click that tells me the screen shot was taken. My question is, Are those automatically saved in a certain directory like some other games, or do I have to manually have to go in and Paste...
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    Other space combat sims: Tachyon: the Fringe

    While we're in the vein of other space combat sims, Anyone ever played Tachyon? It's like all the best elements of the wing commander series scrunched together in one game, it's got multiplayer online capability (although good luck finding other people online) and it stars Bruce Campbell to...
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    Orchestral/Cobalt 60?

    what's the difference between the Orchestral Soundtrack or the Cobalt 60 Soundtrack? i've listened to all the tracks on both versions, but I can't hear a single difference, not even in production (volume levels, sound quality...) is there even a difference at all? and if not, why have two...
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    Simple question; simple answer.

    When did Wing Commander make the move from sprite-ships to Polygons?
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    An MSN conversation with Filler.

    Well, this thread may be completely out of place here, but it certainly is popular on! Conversation had over MSN a few minutes ago. ME: (colonel Sanders) I think I'll get drunk and post to WCCIC to ease the pain of being uncared-for. ME: (colonel Sanders) QWhiskey...
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    P/SO ship editer preferences?

    OK. I've visually searched the forum for this topic, and I didn't notice it. If this topic is another dead horse to beat, I'm just gonna stick to posting "LOL :D " in joke threads, cause it's what I do everywhere else. *shrug* I assume it's safe to say most everyone here has...
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    WC SO Hi-res patch problem 2

    I have the patch and it is installed. however, when I attempt to play it at the max resolution, I get the problem in this picture. I had this problem with UE, but I forgot how I fixed the problem. :(
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    WCSO High Res patch

    lemme say I did a quick search of the forum, but couldn't find anything. I've attempted to download the High Res patch on two seperate occasions now, and both times the download has stopped early. When i try to open the folder, it said the file was corrupt and I should download it again...
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    Admiral Tolwyn- Madman or military savior?

    As with any controversial military or political figurehead, (even just the fictional ones) Admiral Tolwyn was one of those people with a personality that made you love him or hate him. In the novels, it becomes quite clear that while Bondavereskywhatever somewhat approved of the Admirals...
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    Stuff everyone else knows but I don't.

    keep in mind when reading this that my WC experience is limited to beating WC1 and WCSO, and reading the novels once through-each. WCIV focuses on defeating the Black Lance group, and their fighters are called "black lance" and "dragon" Now, Fast forward to Secret Ops, where you fly ships...
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    quick question (quicker than a dust cannon)

    (I love the dust cannon) Are there plans for a Nephilim era Novel? or perhaps a novel that focuses more on the other alien races and their relations with the humans? I'd like to see more about the people behind the confederation. granted, the universe is called "WING COMMANDER" not "where...
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    Fighter craft Armor Repair

    how do they repair armor in the WC universe? do they have spare engine nacelles, or cockpit frames, or wing flaps laying around? or do they just have random peices of durasteel that they fuse on? On a slightly different idea, we already have strong plastics that you can spray on to things...
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    a concert and an ego trip.

    I've already started a thread on a seperate forum, so here! I'll save some time... the thread on if this is a violation, lemme know. I know that some forums don't like linking out to other forums.
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    Wing Commander Novels

    A couple of questions about the Wing Commander books How many Wing Commander Novels were there, and what were there names? I'm attempting to get a complete set, as when I first got hooked on wing commander, it was on Super NES and PC only...there was just about nothing else. then I forgot...