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  1. TheFraix

    WC3 Premiere Edition on eBay

    It's been a long while since I've posted anything on the CIC, but I've found this nice thing on eBay. It'll be ending soon, and it's lacking the...
  2. TheFraix

    Glad Wing Commander is in Time's list

    At least Wing Commander is in the 1990s list. All-TIME 100 Video Games From Adventure to Zork, here are our picks for the All-TIME 100 greatest video games. Read more: Also...
  3. TheFraix

    Conquest 2: Vyrium Uprising - Kickstarter project

    Considering the game's predecessor's (Conquest Frontier Wars) connection Wing Commander, I thought it be good to bring this up. Perhaps one of the CIC staff can mention it in the front page? Anyone...
  4. TheFraix

    Mission: Impossible star Peter Graves dies aged 83 --- I wonder how many of us remember Mr. Jim Phelps from the TV series?
  5. TheFraix

    Anyone there already has family (spouse + kids)?

    Hey guys... it's been a long while since I've been here. I'm just curious about us wingnuts. How many of us already have a family, meaning a spouse and children? I myself just got married in July '08 and became a dad since Oct '09. How did being married and having children affected our...
  6. TheFraix

    Need Input for my scifi company

    Guys, I need some input for my science fiction-based company. Here's a brief summary of the company overview. =============== INASCIFI is the Indonesian Science Fiction company. We're not a fictional company. We've just happen to produce and publish things related to the speculative...
  7. TheFraix

    How would Chris Roberts react?

    NOTE: I HAVEN'T E-MAILED OR FAX THIS. I just wanna ask your opinions regarding this draft letter: Greetings, I am the founder, CEO and owner of an Indonesian small business company specializing in science fiction media. Our vision is to improve the awareness and benefits of science...
  8. TheFraix

    Coming home

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've actively participated in the forums. Some of you might remember me years ago when I open a nice thread titled 'Wing Commander affected our lives' ( Nevertheless, I want to inform you that after years...
  9. TheFraix

    Merry Christmas 2008

    Hi guys and girls in the WC community, I maybe slightly earlier to say this because of my timezone (GMT +7 hours), but let me please give you all a wonderful Merry Christmas! May the Light's Love and Joy and Peace fill your lives during this joyous season! Long live the Confederation...
  10. TheFraix

    They killed Blair's father...

    I was reading to the earlier script drafts of the Wing Commander movie. In the first two drafts, Christopher Blair's father was named Arthur Blair, and was depicted to be alive and well in the Agadez colony. The third, his name was inexplicably changed to Arnold Blair who was still living in...
  11. TheFraix

    My treatment for a Wing Commander II movie

    Hey Guys... I've been taking a creative writing course at a certain film school around my area. While juggling around my homeworks, I decide to flex a bit of my creativity muscles and wrote the following treatment. What do you think? I'll appreciate any input given. -Fraix...
  12. TheFraix

    Halo 3 is out today!

    Hey guys... :cool: Halo 3 is coming out today! Any of you pre-ordered the game? Did anyone went for the :eek:$100+ Legendary Edition? My oh my... I myself pre-ordered the Limited/Collector's Edition, eventhough I don't have an XBox 360 yet! Sigh... :D
  13. TheFraix

    Tsunami news

    Anyone heard about yet? An earthquake a few days ago in Aceh, Indonesia was followed by massive tsunamis that hit Indonesia as well Thailand, Malaysia, India and other countries around South Asia as well Africa. The latest death toll was around 118,000...
  14. TheFraix

    Quick fix 4 those waiting Re-orchestration CD

    WING COMMANDER I 01_Wing_Commander_-_Start_Tuning.mp3 02_Wing_Commander_-_Fanfare.mp3 03_Wing_Commander_-_Arcade_Theme.mp3 04_Wing_Commander_-_Rec_Room.mp3 05_Wing_Commander_-_Barracks-Go_To_Sleep_You_Pilots.mp3 06_Wing_Commander_-_Briefing_Intro.mp3...
  15. TheFraix

    Curious about the Intrepid

    Honest question... who's idea was it to destroy the BWS Intrepid in this fan-made mod? Isn't that a bit... controversial?
  16. TheFraix

    Tom Dan vs Lance Casey

    Just an interesting idea about the earlier draft of the Prophecy storyline. In my humble opinion, Dane's character and story would sure have an added complexity and a bit more somber than the established Prophecy story. Any comments here?
  17. TheFraix

    Hotel bomb blast shook Jakarta last Tuesday

    Some of you may haven't heard, two days ago (Tuesday noon) as a car loaded with explosives was deliberatly exploded at the JW Marriot Hotel on Jalan Kuningang, central Jakarta. The blast has killed at least 14 lives and around 150 others have been injured. While no groups has claimed...
  18. TheFraix

    Matrix Reloaded (some spoilers of course)

    Matrix Reloaded Why hasn't anyone started a thread about Matrix Reloaded? :cool:
  19. TheFraix

    File request...

    I've noticed that at the wcnews ftp site several old news files are still there. I'm looking for the Wing Commander Movie unedited B-roll clip... anyway I may get it?
  20. TheFraix

    Heart of the Tiger, Classic style

    This was one of my craziest WC ideas I had several years back... I was just wondering. What would it be like if we could play Wing Commander III: The Heart of the Tiger, but in a style much more like WC1&2. I'm not just talking about the retro feel, but would it be interesting to see the...