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  1. Mindcrime

    Loaf and others mentioned by GOG in documentary!

    WCNEWS community and Ben(Loaf) thanked and mentioned by GOG staff regarding assistance with WC games on their platform shown in this really cool GOG Documentary I found on YouTube. Check it out! WC mentioned at the 27 minute mark.
  2. Mindcrime

    My collection is finally there!

    So after a year and a half I finally have the collection I sought out for. WC1-5, Privateer 1 &2, WC Animated series on DVD, and the newest and most difficult for me to find Kilrathi Saga complete in box just came in today. I am a very very happy dude right now! My Privateer 2 has the official...
  3. Mindcrime

    Happy Thanksgiving wingnuts!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all. So glad we are still here and keeping this place alive. Thank u to all who contribute to keep wcnews going. Gobble gobble gobble!
  4. Mindcrime

    Help with Kilrathi Saga box please

    Hey wingnuts. I’m in the market for a Kilrathi Saga big box because my dumb ass threw it away many many years ago. Anyhoo, I see some on ebay but it has been so long I don’t remember everything that is supposed to be in the box. Can u guys help me remember all the contents that way I make sure...
  5. Mindcrime

    How is Ben doing?

    How is Ben doing? I havent heard an update in a while as to how his health is. Thoughts and prayers with u my friend!
  6. Mindcrime

    Wing Commander reviewer LGR

    Hey all. Really cool review of WC1 from LGR which is a really cool reviewer most of u probably know.
  7. Mindcrime

    Anyone seen Star Trek Beyond yet?

    If u have I'm curious what you thought.
  8. Mindcrime

    How to change my account name here?

    Plz help! How do I change username for my account here? Thank you!
  9. Mindcrime

    Bring a WC wingman to SQ42

    If you could pick any wingman from any Wing Commander game and put them in SQ42 as a wingman option who would you pick? I have a tough time choosing between pre evil Hobbes, Maniac, and Vagabond.
  10. Mindcrime

    Wing commander 2 or deluxe edition? Need advice

    hey all. I'm gonna purchase WC2 soon here. But I don't know the difference in packaging between the original release and and deluxe edition. I'm only buying as a collector since i play the gog version. Which one should i get?
  11. Mindcrime

    Eterium WC highly influenced game

    hey all. I came across a game called Eterium on accident today. It is very influenced by wc1 and 2 with better graphics for the most part. I gotta say, so far it's exactly what I've been missing in games. Mission based with the wc feel. Telling wingmen to break and attack, auto pilot. U name it...
  12. Mindcrime

    Starlancer extra campaign mod ever made?

    I know its not Wing Commander but I'm pretty sure most of us love Starlancer too lol. Would kill for another campaign. So many Freelancer modders but it seems like there are no mods for Starlancer. Would love an extra campaign. Anybody know of any mods for Starlancer?
  13. Mindcrime

    blog with lots of wc praise

    hey all just made my first blog ever. i did a top ten list of games and u kmow i gave wc some love here. I really made this with the intention of introducing new people to the series as well as other games i love. check it out and spread it if you want. more people buying wc games from...
  14. Mindcrime

    WC mentioned in a Watch Mojo video

    though they screwed up some info still cool to see us getting some love all these years later.
  15. Mindcrime

    Merry Christmas fellow nerds!

    Love you all. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
  16. Mindcrime

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all pig out like I'm gonna! Thanks to Chris and Ben and everyone thats puts in all the hard work to keep this place going. And thanks to my fellow nerds who just can't stay away from these forums for more than a day at a time lol. Gobble gobble!
  17. Mindcrime

    Wing Commander Academy Tv show Chris Roberts?

    Hey all, another question here. All research I have done is leading me to believe Chris Roberts wasn't involved in the TV show. I know a bunch of you have the answer lol. Thanks in advanced.
  18. Mindcrime

    Mark Hamill back with Chris Roberts

    "Reunited and it feels so gooooood"
  19. Mindcrime

    Rebel Galaxy is awesome!!

    Have you guys heard of this new game? It's only $20 on steam and gog. It's like a Freelancer for the modern day. Great story, it's single player, great controls, voice acting, graphics, and awesome music! Here is an ongoing thread at RSI forums I started. These guys deserve some success for...
  20. Mindcrime

    Wing commander novels?

    Hey all. Me again. I was thinking back and i remember reading a wing commander book back in the day. I know there are quite a few of them. Can you guys suggest a good starting point? Also i bought the wc3 and wc4 novels for a few bucks each. Anyone know if they are any good? I honestly didnt...