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    Wing Commander sheet music?

    Where can I get sheet music for every Wing Commander game?
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    Which Wing Commander scene which Maniac says milk and cookies?

    Which Wing Commander scene which has Maniac says milk and cookies? I seem to forgotten it...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy Secret Ops change music?

    How to change the music for Secret Ops?
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    How can I download all Wing Commander cutscenes?

    How can I download all Wing Commander cutscenes?
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    While you sleep they'll be waiting?

    What is that message means in Wing Commander 3 DOS after exiting the game?
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    CRT Shader for media player?

    Are there any good CRT shader for media player especially for Media Player Classic?
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    Kilrathi Saga and CRT Shader?

    Is it possible to run KSaga games, with CRT shader?
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    Wing Commander 4 (PSX) problem with Disc 2?

    I've tried playing Disc 1, and now it says insert Disc 2, however it stuck in the screen of Disc 2. I am using RetroArch for the emulator. How to solve this problem?
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    How does WC3 morale system works?

    The choice in the dialogue affects the morale of the game, does this apply for both PC version and PSX version or only the PC version? And how to determine the morale of the crew is low or high?
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    Looking for WC3 playthrough with cockpit view?

    Hi, are there YouTube clips which consist of WC3 full play through with full cockpit view, with the original soundtrack?
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    ddraw CRT shader?

    How to install CRT shader into WC3 (Kilrathi Saga)? Any method for installing it?
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    Did Blair really die at the end of Prophecy?

    Did he really die? Is that why there is no more Wing Commander prequels, because the main protagonist has gone?
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    How to make a model of Excalibur of Wing Commander 3 (paper, toys)?

    I really like the Excalibur fighter, does anyone know how to make a paper fold of Excalibur? Also how to make a toy model of fighters of Wing Commander games?
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    where is wing commander academy episode 4?

    anyone knows where did the wing commander academy download gone to, and why are they not up?