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  1. Kaunisto

    What happened to Blair?

    Ignoring various more or less canonical things, this is what I would've wanted for story of Prophecy sequels: The Nephilim were victims of a genocidal betrayal by Kilrathi - a peaceful scientific race that gave Kilrathi advanced knowledge, but failed to expect their brutal reaction. The few...
  2. Kaunisto

    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    WC1: after first couple playthroughs you'll 90% go same route unless you purposely lose (the 10% is winning Kurasawa) SM1/2: linear, so you can't fail anywhere (IMO that's one of WC's best ideas, that you can fail missions and the game/story continues) WC2: depressing story, punches just keep...
  3. Kaunisto

    Wing commander 3 control problem

    I never figured it out, is there any way to use tab (or other key?) afterburner when mouse is used? Because I really prefer mouse, have played all my PC WCs on mouse for last 20+ years (never did get myself a stick), but afterburner is a real annoyance in WC3. I can use the mouse afterburner...
  4. Kaunisto

    Dralthi mk2/Crossbow/Morningstar

    That however makes it even worse that in the other last mission (that comes if you lose that) you fly Sabre for no reason at all, which also makes the two somewhat similar. It would've been better if that one had Crossbow. Then again, there was the mission before these where you already had...
  5. Kaunisto

    Dralthi mk2/Crossbow/Morningstar

    As game design, what do you think about each of the ships added in the expansions? Having recently replayed all these parts got me thinking this aspect. Dralthi in itself was nice. It replaced the mud pig, being similar but slightly better and just different enough from all others to fly to be...
  6. Kaunisto

    Wing Commander Special Ops 1

    Hmm... I think I've somehow long ago misread this as meaning performance throughout SM1/SM2. I knew how WC1 works, but really thought it was different for Secret Missions.
  7. Kaunisto

    Wing Commander Special Ops 1

    I'm not sure but I believe SM1 works on some kind of continuous points system, that if you win the first difficult missions, you can fail more of the later ones or so. I feel SM2 is hardest in total, SM1 and SO1 just have some individual difficult missions.
  8. Kaunisto

    Wing Commander Special Ops 1

    SO1 is pretty much my favorite part of all WC, even though couple missions are hard and last one/two toughest of any I encounter on my normal WC 1+2+expansions playthrough. Best plot and dialogue at least, for gameplay I may slightly prefer the easier WC1.
  9. Kaunisto

    Privateer beatable with Galaxy?

    I don't think I've ever tried to beat Privateer with Galaxy or Orion. Instead I did try to play it through with Tarsus, but couldn't beat one of Lynn Murphy missions.
  10. Kaunisto

    WC3: what if you could win with Behemoth?

    Maybe the T-bomb would've been better, more realistic(?) and morally acceptable, if it had just created a planet-wide quake. Imagine that, a quake shaking all continents so that there's not a house standing anywhere on the planet. This would've killed at least half the population, maybe even...
  11. Kaunisto

    WC3: what if you could win with Behemoth?

    Thinking of game design and storytelling, I've wondered would it have been better if there was a path that Behemoth succeeds. So that you'd have Ending A (Behemoth), Ending B (T-bomb) and C/lose ending. (Or rather you'd have to have beside the main losing ending two variants, failing last...
  12. Kaunisto

    Internet Archive

    I tried WC1 for first mission and it's playable. The sound (tried Sound Blaster) isn't that good and it runs a bit slow maybe? (I'm used to my old PC running running WC1 on Dosbox too fast.)
  13. Kaunisto

    WC1 bug, ship on top of TC?

    In the last Kurasawa mission I got left behind Formidable (fighting the krants) and when I then autopiloted to Claw (first going to nav 1 that I'd missed), the Exeter was sitting apparently in same coordinates (and direction) as Tiger's Claw - the two ships clipping, depending what angle you...
  14. Kaunisto

    WC3 on Crazy

    I never learned to use slide and I've once played it on Nightmare.
  15. Kaunisto

    My Favorite Movie (March 12, 2019)

    I think WC is an average game movie - which is pretty bad. I only have VHS (picked from a flea market years ago). I don't feel that strongly about it, kinda meh.
  16. Kaunisto

    I think I found an actor to play Tolwyn in a WC-prequel.

    On the general subject, I think Paul Bettany pulled off real well playing young version of McDowell's character in Gangster No 1.
  17. Kaunisto

    Academy Gauntlet

    ...and today I beat the Gauntlet for second time - now without wingman! :D My points didn't even make it to my top 5 - about 120k when my record is 133k - so I was very lucky with enemies killing each other or running away more than usual. And didn't have almost any collisions through game...
  18. Kaunisto

    Are Armada and Academy worth playing?

    For me the good part of Academy was/is the Gauntlet: one big challenge you can take a shot at now and then. Took me 15 years to beat it - with best ship and wingman; next I'll have to get through it solo or with one of the other ships... I've never been too fond of Armada, but that may have been...
  19. Kaunisto

    If there was a new Wing Commander game?

    I don't remember if I ever told you (or anyone) an idea I've had for continuing Prophecy story. I want to know the history of Nephilim and my idea is that they were originally a peaceful, civilized race that then encountered the primitive Kilrathi. In attempt to help them develop, they gave...
  20. Kaunisto

    My Old Games collection... ;)

    I've got similar Finnish version of Max Payne 2. And picked Outpost 2 couple years back from flea market, but it's still on my backlog...