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  1. Raptor_Pilot

    I'm proud of myself.

    I was over on Yahoo, doing some random stuff, when I came across a question on Yahoo Answers. Some woman was asking about whether she could find a man with a very specific set of qualities. She had them laid out in an itemised list with short explanations of each one. This is my answer to her...
  2. Raptor_Pilot

    A question

    How is the PC based version of TacOps coming along, is there progress or has the project been given the axe? I was really looking foward to that one.
  3. Raptor_Pilot

    WC1 Tactics

    I picked up my copy of Wing 1 and I am having some trouble on the Escort mission in McAuliffe, the one where you see Buhrak for the first time. Anyone got any tips on getting both myself and the Drayman through alive?
  4. Raptor_Pilot

    Am I dreaming??

    Or is this for real?
  5. Raptor_Pilot


    Raptor Pilot is now a real Pilot!!! I got my Pilot's License!!!! Yeah!!! Now the name makes sense!