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    A Revised Discussion of the Kilrathi Language

    Thanks. So a few (not-so-quick) questions then. As you get to the end of this post, you'll start to see where I'm going with this; cause this all goes back to a few old never-posted fanfic's that I started up and would love to (at least) partially fix up before I even consider possibly...
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    A Revised Discussion of the Kilrathi Language

    Maybe now that you've translated the Oath of Service, how about translating the Warrior's Oath? --The Warrior's Oath-- (said by the pledging warrior to his Lord) Permit me to pledge you my service. I offer you my claws and my teeth, to rend yor foes. I offer you my mind and spirit, to do your...
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    SWC Ship of the Day: Spikeri (May 15, 2001)

    Wow, it really looks like a made-up hybrid kilrathi-terran corvette/transport I had made for an unpublished Privateer fanfic a number of years back. Mine was a bit more boxy... basiclly a "what-if" a human with few good kilrathi ties/traders had bought up plans for a designed-but-cancelled...
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    SWC Ship of the Day: Spikeri (May 15, 2001)

    Any chance of getting a larger, higher-res image? I tried clicking the image, but get wcnews version of a 404 page.
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    "Kilrathi" Keyboard

    Well that color scheme makes sense for a Kilrathi computer keyboard. Bone-white keys would either be plastic (commoner), some kind of stone like marble (mid-range Noble or Lord), and actual hand-carved bone from an enemy (upper Noble/Lord, Clan Lord, Royalty, etc). Crimson Red or Blood Red...
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    Firekkans ship

    I don't like it. I more than like it. I ++LOVE++ it. Mobile wings also means a shifting center of mass... the ability to do barrel rolls, banks, climbs, dives, etc, would be incredibly variable. Even if the value of the armor and weapons is patheticically weak, the maneuverability would...
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    The creators of Space Quest are creating again

    I'd love to see someone do something like "Space Quest meets Wing Commander." Wouldn't matter if its a cheaply done game or just a text game or even just a short story. Imagine; Roger Wilco, grade-A janitor and part-time adventurer travelling about in the WC universe. ---- Name parodies...
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    What have you felt when Kilrah exploded?

    ........................................ kilrah exploding, my feelings, part 2 .................... So Blair just blew up Kilrah with the Temblor and has barely surived the explosion. I was in shock. I was a fan of the cats and had never really thought the humans, who were supposed to be...
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    What have you felt when Kilrah exploded?

    I didn't get WC3 until good few years after it came out... So the first time the super-gun got blown up I thought I was doing something seriously wrong, even though I had the game on easy (was more interested in story than anything else since was my first play-thru) and I reloaded a save and...
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    Some models...

    So many sweet designs! I may have to paper-up a few of them into easy-make paper-models.
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    Trojan IV Naval Yard Gets Busy (July 12, 2011)

    TIP -- inner supports, windows, and (semi-hidden) display stand USAGE -- best done in longer blocks that might bend/twist, or the ship's interior floor (if it's going to sit on a display). ALT USAGE -- windows... any clear bits or tiny bits that need a cheap glow or see-through look (paint...
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    Trojan IV Naval Yard Gets Busy (July 12, 2011)

    few pictures of my non-wc fleet I been paper-modelling ships for some 15 years. (on and off. mind you, when you're on disability welfare and no job and are a 33 year old renting a room off your parents, you do tend to have the massive amounts of time needed to waste). No insults intended...
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    Trojan IV Naval Yard Gets Busy (July 12, 2011)

    tip - moving / swivel turrets what you want here is either toothpicks, paperclips, or tiny nuts-&-bolts. Nuts & bolts works best. You can even use a tiny drop of super-glue to seal the nut to the bolt at just the right tightness ... so that a turret can rotate up/down and/or swivel...
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    Trojan IV Naval Yard Gets Busy (July 12, 2011)

    tip - interior lighting go to your local dollar store and buy these items: - several LED type lights (be it flash lights, closet/magnet lights, whatever. I like the magnetic closet ones since the magnet is strong and they can have as many as 32 LEDS) - phone or network extension cable -...
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    Ramscoops and Tankers

    mostly agreed from my own understanding, EVERY ship has ram-scoop tech on it (including fighters), but it's only really useful if flying (a) in a straight line or (b) maneuvering at very low velocity. Just like in privateer; the "fuel" gage goes down any time you jump, use afterburners, or...
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    Privateer Day: Number Five with a Bullet (June 3, 2011)

    aww, cool, but understand why it pulled would have loved to try the speeder ship. Guess it got pulled cause then a few players like me who simply max out the engines and run around on afterburners (to avoid fights since many plot-missions are transports) would zip around and have the game...
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    Space Sim First Look: Galaxy on Fire 2 (March 16, 2011)

    pc version? for those of us who don't have the ($400 or so) iPhone, is there a version that pc's can play? (would be great on my notebook). Sounds like my kind of game. Would love to see images of all the ships (both playable and non-playable). So many of the iPhone sci-fi games are so...
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    physical models to buy?

    So beautiful... *awards one "Honorable Service for Excellent Workcatship for Service to Sivar" metal* (workcatship? would say "worksmanship" but not sure how/if the man>human sub-part would translate). "May Sivar never Smile upon you." (cause if Sivar did, well, its a baring of...
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    Kilrathi Female Model WIP

    All very true and all... but I still stand-by my somewhat joking first point...
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    Kilrathi Female Model WIP

    Much better.