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    WCPSO question

    Well, i have downloaded the SO starter file from CIC since my so disk doesnt work anymore(guess it got a bit scratched during the years) and played the episode 1. I was wondering where or how can i get the remaining episodes?
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    Armada question

    Ok, can anyone help me with instaling that ship pack? In the readme it says i should use positron's tre editor, which i can't seem to find... Any ideas? Also this is the first time i'm playing armada, must say it's pretty cool :)
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    Hello there

    Hi all... Just wanted to say hello... I've been a (closet) fan of WC for years, but it never occurred to me to visit WC online community until a week ago... I must say that i was really impressed with dedication and activity and wish i could contribute somehow, but my limited time and...