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    LOAF Reviews Arena (Sort Of)

    just being a nitpick on this point there are these guys that create FPS with doom like graphics and manage to compress stuff like that below 1mb. Same way as that robot puzzle game (whatever it was called) used some new type of compression to achieve a incredibly small size while using the...
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    Used to do fine before but sure, lets give it a go edit: That actually worked. Thanks
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    it's enabled
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    Yeah but you see, mine is actually open. It has been all this time. I just tested it again. Its open. When im typing this, there is exactly 1 captical ship game going on with 3/16 players and when I join it, all the players dissapear right in the beggining again. This is pure bollocks
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    My nat is fine. I'm not an amateur when it comes to that kind of stuff. I always have my 360 in a DMZ anyway so there isn't any kind of firewall. Oh and I hosted games alright. There just don't seem to be any players willing to join (or play this game that is) to actually get a game started.
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    This game is bollocks. I feel effin cheated. At any given time there is only 1 (!!!) game to pick from. Even though i've selected custom game with everything on "all" & "Any". And when I finally join the effin game I see everyone for 5 seconds before everyone just suddenly "left the game"...
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    Don't like single player WC Arena

    Too be honest, I so far kinda regret buying this game without doing the trail first, not to mention upgrading to gold for this game. There is nobody playing! Hurrah! I can now see why they made the "Tiger claw" achievement for playing in a 16 player capital ship battle match. Cause it's nearly...
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    Wing Commander Arena Released! (July 25, 2007)

    Having played my first 5-6 player cap ship and a 8-10 player bear pit game I still say this game is a decent fun game. Nothing "WOWZOMGBBQ!AWESOME!!!1one!" but I never expected as much from an Arcade game anyway. What is really going to make this game fun is having the right people to play with...
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    Wing Commander Arena Released! (July 25, 2007)

    Only when you dig deeper in the game mechanics of DOA you'll learn that every character pretty much plays the same. DOA is shallow when you compare it with say, Virtual Fighter. Now excuse me as I take a trip to the shop for Gold. Then we'll talk about multiplayer and see if it is as awesome...
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    Wing Commander Arena Released! (July 25, 2007)

    Aye, first thing in the morning. The moment I read about Arena being available (which was some hours ago on one of my irregular visits to CIC) I immediatly hooked up the dusty 360 and started playing. One hour later it was passed shop closing time already so unfortunatly I couldn't get online...
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    Wing Commander Arena Released! (July 25, 2007)

    A fun arcade game. Don't have gold atm so I can't say anything about the multiplayer part of this game. The singleplayer part is decent, nothing too incredible though.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Arena Manual Sighted! (June 25, 2007)

    I've got nothing usefull to add but: "Pure win, awesome and I want this game&manual now now now" also "I salute and thank the developers for this awesome amount of detail and care". That is all.
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    Countdown to Launch!

    Nice trailer. I loved the part where toylwen (did I spelled that right?) said "where you will be united with an old friend" and then the arrow lifted off from the hanger deck (The arrow is one of my favorite old friends that I look forward piloting in arena again)
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    Come on guys be honest with me here...

    This game will force me to renew my account from silver to gold again though :P Oh and yeah, I agree. The new Arrow designs look neat
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    BREAKING NEWS: Arena Pricing Announced (May 25, 2007)

    Had 1000 points waiting for Arena all this time. Glad to hear I have enough left =P
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    Come on guys be honest with me here...

    You know what makes me happy about this game? It sticks very close to the already established universe. Old fighters like the Arrow and the Darkets etc. who all kept their designs only looking 2007 instead of pixilated 1994. Not to mention camo appearances of other fighters/bombers in the...
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    300 is Amazing.

    This movie, was pure awesome. That's all I have to say about it
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    Real life cats that remind you of Kilrathi

    Wow the resemblance is striking
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    Not to be pushing or anything, just wondering. Any ETA on an other update of this wonderful mod?
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    What did you think of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    the end of evangelion killed my brain and I can completely understand why you want to kill yourself after seeing it.