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    is anything going to be done to improve the controls in flight, i may be missing something of not have it setup properly, but it just seemed sluggish and jumpy
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    any new information

    anything else been happening with this project, artwork looks awesome guys, congrats. trouble is i don't want to wait, i wanna play now
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    reworked intro

    ok so a while ago ther was work going on a new intro for privateer, well an updated one anyway, has this been scrapped or is it still a w.i.p?
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    remake intro

    there is some amazing stuff starting appear for this remake, i was amazed at how class the new intro looks so far, can't wait to see it when it is finished! Don't know how well or what stage the models are at for inside the bases, the one that has appeared on the main page for Perry of a...
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    Repair droids

    After buying the advanced repair droid which is meant to make repairs while you are flying around in space, i was expecting to see the fuzzy displays dissapear quicker or something but i can not tell whether the droid is doing anything or not. This has probably been asked before but is there...
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    monte in rf

    ok so i have just delivered monte to new detroit, unfortunately i hacked the save game file so i could just do the rf story line, which means that sandoval is still at new detroit. so i clicked on monte to take his first mission and it started off alright but as soon as i accepted his mission...