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  1. Cybot078

    Unlce Bilbop's slighty used exotic starship Emporium

    Just some 3d model bashing mostly
  2. Cybot078

    Ship from another Galaxy

    Privateers ship from a burning Galaxy. If any one wants mod
  3. Cybot078

    Base back round junk

    Some stuff to make base and hangers look more live in and used.
  4. Cybot078

    Firekkans ship

    Firekkans Privateer ship. Use the models how ever you want to.:D
  5. Cybot078

    Asteroid Pirates

    From a old game box cover some ships. The police ship is look like could be a Firekkans fighter or more bird like Y-wing .
  6. Cybot078

    Wire frames ship pictures

    Blue wire frames fan ship:)
  7. Cybot078

    Starblazes mod

    A Question did anybody make mod kilrathi fighting Starblzes Earth defence forces?? just curious since both base ww2 pacific war.
  8. Cybot078

    outpost Stations bases

    Confederations outposts stations and base not to scale. what do think was the best design found in the game {including fan}? I am working Privateer "Perry type" station here are some pictures of the work in progress and the Jupiter station.
  9. Cybot078

    Hanger Driods

    better renders of the privateer repair Droids, and Concepts droids of my own based on them.
  10. Cybot078

    K-rathi fictions

    Some Concepts ship designs of my own. done in wc3 style.
  11. Cybot078

    The not be Midway

    The Ship not be in the game. What it in size to other CV ?
  12. Cybot078

    Privateer Repair Droids

    How does Privateer Repair Droids differ from these Mesh bashed ones?