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  1. JasonRocZ

    Duke Nukem Forever....

    This game has been in what seems like development for over 5 years....Tell me what you guys think....I mean I think the 08' Trailer looks pretty kick ass.... goto to check it out
  2. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD Screenshot Dump

    So for everyone who wants to see the actual ships from the mod so far in the vision engine....Here ya go.... There are no capships yet....and also I didn't do any Nephilim Screenshots (I have done the Nephilim Ships tho) I've just run outta time and have togo to work....I'll post up Some of the...
  3. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Fan Input"

    I'm looking to put together a few ideas for this project...This is an open forum...The mod is based on post Secret Ops information, Including plenty of Info from cancelled projects but also based much on S*S arena info. Now what I'm looking for here is information of what "YOU" the fans of WC...
  4. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Manta"

    Here's the Updated "Standard" Manta..... Check it !
  5. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Moray"

    I've updated the Moray...Check it ! ! !
  6. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Midway Class Carrier"

    Within the next day or Two I'll be showing both the Updated Midway Carrier Herself and the Corel Sea.... Stay Tuned :D
  7. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Ralaxath"

    Here is the humble beginnings of the "Ralaxath" to be used in the mod
  8. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD Support Craft

    So I've started to get into upgrading some of the support craft...First is the Refueler...Tell me what ya think.... I added some armament (2x Ion Pulse Cannons) and probably a small turret on the underbelly, and added Some Fuel Tanks to actually make it looks like it has the ability to refuel...
  9. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Stingray"

    We all remember the Stingray, once they formed up, WoW Some firepower they were packing!!!...Well One of the thing I decided was that ALL the nephilim ships needed to be revamped not just a few. I'll have the new Stingray that will be used in the game engine sometime tomorrow....Stay tuned
  10. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD Collateral Damage Update!!! 9-9-9

    I'd like everyone to know that after a 6 month Hiatus from any updates, Some personal issues popped up mainly my own incarceration, (DWI). I was released from jail on 9-9-9. Now for those of you out there that have ever been jailed, It's a strange experience for sure. And no, most of the...
  11. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Longbow"

    Not totally Finished but here's a few samples. Loudout is to be similar to WC4/WC3 Specs, With a few differences in missile loadout.
  12. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Devastator"

    Just showing some of the newer updated Craft too.
  13. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD- F-103D Excalibur

    So I've been getting back at the Excalibur which will be inclusive to the WC:CD Mod. It will be based off of some of the Arena preliminary screenshots which I am including the screenshot of here. I'll post up what I've come up with so far as progress shots. And the F-103D designation is...
  14. JasonRocZ

    Secret Ops: Sounds Issues

    I dunno if anyone has had this problem but....It's strange. but when my episode 2 starts up and the Cerberus is jumping in there's a sound like a looping click sound and it won't stop does anyone else have this problem? My Sound is Creative Labs Soundblaster Live.
  15. JasonRocZ

    Collateral Damage :Border World Fighter POLL!!!!

    Here's the poll for the Border Worlds, You name it!!! Here's what it looks like. Voting will stop Tuesday February 3rd, The original posts can be found here
  16. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Thresher" Nephilim

    Alright so this morning I started work on a ship similar to the Warlord or Devil Ray with similar armament, a little less armor, less manueverable, but slightly faster than the Warlord/Devil Ray I'm calling it the Thresher...Tell me what you think.. Here's the stats of the fighter Class Space...
  17. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Orca" Destroyer Progress

    I haven't posted anything in about a month but I wanted everyone to know that the project is going as planned. Alright So I've finally gotten into the Nephilim Ships (about time right?). I do not believe that I will be really changing any capship models themselves just because purely it's...
  18. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Border Worlds"

    I haven't really touched any Border World fighters.... And they will be inclusive in the mod. I mean there on the frontier there's bound to be some action there right? So anyways here's a fighter based on some parts from other fighters thrown together to make some type of mainstay...
  19. JasonRocZ

    WC:CD "Firekkan Fighter"

    As a support ship for a few missions in the series.....I'll be implementing a few Firekkan ships. I've been designing one of such ships a Medium Class fighter armed with 2 Tachyon, 2 Lasers and some type of missile pods....Tell me what you think? are there any design changes that anyone would...
  20. JasonRocZ

    Happy 4th of July!!!!

    Happy 4th....Stay Safe!!! And also stay tuned in the next coming days for more info on the WCCD Mod!! See Below for a a little treat