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  1. Mace

    Animated FMV sequences issue.

    Cutscene slowdown, I tried installaing Saga on a system and while it does not crash, the cutscenes are slowed to a halt, the gameplay is just fine though. System specs: Athlon64x2 4800+ 4 GB of RAM Ati 4650 card using current drivers, but with the workarounds listed on the official saga...
  2. Mace

    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    Got a message from Jason Ryock on setting this up, we need a time and date for us all to link up, and possibly play through a few missions at a time or the entire campaign. Starlancer runs fine on windows7 in '98 comp. mode, and honestly it is only the backdrops in flight that show the age of...
  3. Mace

    Cheap-ass tested joystick "On a budget"

    Sadly it lacks pedals, but those controls are moved under your left hand. She was build in 2007, and still available and receiving updates(2010 beta firmwares?) It does not compete with the TM Warthog, but is a good intermediate(My old TM setup would be complex and to have revised would cost...
  4. Mace

    Was wing commander destiny ever a real project, or just some youtube fanon?

    I stumbled across this; Now the music I don't recognize, the graphics look pretty unique, but not unlike wingcommander, and I think the ship with the Prongs should be another re-envision of the Tiger's claw. But the second capship you see looks so...
  5. Mace

    Favorite car.

    We have to drive all once in a while. My fav. is an opel(or vauxhall in UK) Manta B;
  6. Mace

    Pilot selection screen...

    How do I select my multiple pilots? I want to go back and play through standoff's alternative endings, I failed a few missions and named my games after that, however I have had more then one pilot in this install(as to start a new game). After the End of Standoff(). After I fail my mission...
  7. Mace

    Changing graphics cards.

    Since i move around a lot, i tend to have multiple computers with me, some low-power, some portable. Where i now live i had selected a compaq business desktop as primary computer, and i started playing through standoff, it is a business desktop, so it uses onboard graphics and sound. Standoff...
  8. Mace

    space rogue

    anyone ever played this game? i just found it through a reference, a privateer styled game from origin in 1989. the space flight actually uses vector based graphics. since it appeared to be "abandonware" i downloaded the PC version(slow day at the office). and it still runs on current...
  9. Mace

    sci-fi channel in europe?

    Sci-channel in europe. can i get it through a european sattelite network? thnx