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    Wing Commander 4 question

    I'm fairly sure that there is a thread for this question. But I couldn't find it. Anyway my question is this, Does WC4 work on Windows XP? I was going to pick up a copy on amazon and thought I should find out first.
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    Flagship question

    For a long time the TCS Concordia was the flagship of the Confed fleet. Well after she went down. What ship became the new flagship for the Confed fleet?
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    Standoff guide idea

    I was looking through the game guides earlier today. And I thought it would be really cool to gather the mission trees and helpful ways people have come up with to beat the missions. Into a guide like the guides already available on But that's just a thought. I'd...
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    Bug found

    I just finished the last mission in episode 5 on the winning path. The second I landed, I'm guessing there was supposed to be a victory cutscene or somthing. But the game crashed and didn't save. So now I get to fly the last mission all over again. Has this problem already been reported?
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    Episode 3 question

    I got into episode 3 tonight. I seem to have hit a problem on the save the two destroyers mission. I can save the second one just fine. But the first one always seems to get blown to pieces. Then it says I failed the mission. How do you save it? It blows up so consistantly I'm beginning...
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    Melek makes an appearence

    At the trivia part of this months Gameinformer. Is a picture of Melek, it's nice to see Wing Commander still popping up in game magazines
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    Loss for a WC fan

    My dad was the one who got me WC1 when it came out. Yesterday he died after battling 2 and 1/2 years with Lou Gehrig's disease. He loved WC and loved life. I hope he is in better place now. :'(
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    WC asteroids

    Why is it that in the first two WC games the roids were a very serious and deadly thing for pilots to deal with; and after that they pretty much became just became back ground scenery?
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    Midway question

    I'm not sure if anyone has ever asked this one, but what was the Midway doing so far away from Confed controlled space. That just seems like a terrible idea to have a shake down cruise outside of a safe zone. Especially when a ship like the Midway costs as much as it did.
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    WC fighter question

    How many Fighters are named after Sword types?
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    Gothri Question

    What ever happened to the Gothri? It was a premiere fighter in WC2 and had a nice role in privateer. But after that it completely disappeared, where did it go? was it at the Battle of Earth?
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    CIC Radio

    I was listen to the WC radio this morning and it played a song called "Summer of 55" I loved it! Where can I get a copy of it?
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    Taking out your friends

    How many people out there have iced every single carrier they served on at least once?
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    The most famous WC ship

    Well let's find out which ship is the most famous one out there.
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    WC3 question

    Where do we get the majority of our facts for this era. From the WC3 book or from the game?
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    What caused the TCS Concordia's destruction

    What caused the TCS Concordia's destruction?
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    If you had to fly a fighter from Wc2

    If you had to fly a fighter from Wc2 not special ops 1 or 2 on a general mission which would it be. Ferret Epee Rapier II Broadsword Sabre
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    KIS Hha'ifra

    How much information is there about the KIS Hha'ifra? like AMGs, Number of fighters, shield strength, speed ect....
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    WC2 Snakeir question

    If I'm correct the Snakeir saw action all the way up through the battle of earth. So my question is why don't you end up at least seeing one in wc2, I mean it was a fleet carrier so why were there no strike missions against them in an era where there were so many of them. The only thing you...
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    Curious about the Krant

    I was recently looking on the Stand Off website and saw a picture of the Vatari; and it reminded me off the model they used for the Krant, in Super Wing Commander I was just wondering when that type of Krant entered service and what where it's specs?