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  1. Dahan

    WC Saga Promotion in Australia

    Just thought to upload a photo of an Australian PC Mag from the June 2012 release and they release a full copy of WC Saga
  2. Dahan

    Fall of the Flag

    Hello all I was reading some of the threads in the general Wing Commander chat and there was a discussion of a particular favourite topic among fans. "How was the TCS Concordia lost?" A couple of years ago, Plywood Fiend and I wrote a short story about how the Concordia fell and it focus...
  3. Dahan

    2629 - An Officers Beginning - Redux

    Gday folks I was browsing my old fan fiction chapters and did a bit of thinking and found there was more stuff I should have added to my fan fiction and so I decided to redo my first fan fiction. After playing Standoff and re-reading some of the novels, I got my spark back into writing some...
  4. Dahan

    Starship Troopers

    Gday folks I am wondering if anyone has played Starship Troopers...not the 1997 game released where you control a 3 squads of 6-8 guys whatever. I am referring to the FPS 2006 game release. Im having problem with trying to play the game that plus I am running in Vista and it is been a bit...
  5. Dahan

    Events unfolding in Wing Commander Prophecy : Secret Ops

    This must have been brought up 1001 times already but I need to refresh myself with some reading... After the events of Prophecy, with the lost of Blair and all What happen during the events in Secret Ops I have read the mission briefings from the game guide site but it gives only a small...
  6. Dahan

    Blue Prints/Schematics

    I have seen schematics of the Confedartion Fighters that was release some time ago I was wondering does anyone have or seen schematics of the interior design of the Ranger Class Carriers or the TCS Victory? Any information would be greatly appreciated
  7. Dahan

    Movies to see

    In light of Frosty's comment of seeing the movie, 300 I have a small list of movies to which I too wish to see as well as 300 :D April 2007: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - April 5th 300 - April 5th Zodiac - April 19th May 2007 Spiderman 3 - May 3rd Pirates Of The...
  8. Dahan

    Happy of the Good News

    I for like many Wing Commander fans/Wing nuts and what not am happy to see that Wing Commander has taken a turn towards the console games again and see that the memory still continues. However unlike some people they may not be able to play Arena because they will not have the money for the...
  9. Dahan

    Sins of the Father - Art work

    I have been trying to figure of an appropiate artwork for Sins of the Father after reading Plywood's thread of his fan art as well as wondering about how I should illustrate my fan fiction. I have used the fan art from one of the archives and adjusted it based on the Black Star Confederation...
  10. Dahan

    Distance/Nav-Point clarification

    I am not sure if this question has been brought up before or not... If a fighter/ship is 10,000 clicks from another fighter/ship, would it be able to identify its transponder whether it is Kilrathi, Confed, Border Worlds or some other independent ship? Once example is that from WC -...
  11. Dahan

    Fun time

    I thought I might share something which I did on the weekend... Recently we had the Annual Schutzenfest in Adelaide, South Australia which my friends and I think of it as the Australian Version of Oktoberfest and took a photo to share This is me rallying the crowd and my fellow Beer...
  12. Dahan

    Sins of the Father - Comments

    G'day this thread is for comments about my fan fiction "Sins of the Father" Hope you enjoy the read Cheers !!!:D
  13. Dahan

    Confed Vengeance

    Prologue “This is Barbara Miles from TCN news for a special bulletin. We have received word that the Confederation Flagship the TCS Concordia has been destroyed. We do not know how many lives were lost onboard, but we have received reports that Confed forces who were present at the time of...
  14. Dahan

    Read this before reading Confed Vengeance

    After finishing Fall of the Flag I have been in the process of writing another fan fiction based around the post events of the destruction of the Concordia My fan fiction on 2628 and Sins of the Father will continue but will take a while before I finish it, just like Plywood Fiend with his...
  15. Dahan

    General Enquiries about game

    I had downloaded an earlier version of the game and tried figuring out how to understand it. I did not understand the first time and I am beginning to download it again and have another crack at it. Can someone give a general overview of this. From what I can understand this is that you can...
  16. Dahan


    Keep all comments/suggestions in "Totally not Wing Commander" please PROLOGUE A brief history of the Order of Path of Light and the events leading to this day As told by Jerek, Knight of the Silver Hand and Companion of the Path of Light Along the coast of the Great Sea, south of...
  17. Dahan

    Totally not Wing Commander

    I have not posted any new posts/chapters on 2629 and or Sins of the Father...writers block and have started on a new fan fiction based on the popular game, World of Warcraft... So I thought heck why not. I am posting up the first chapter which I posted on my guild's forum to have a read and so...
  18. Dahan

    Scotch Early Moments

    SCOTCH'S EARLY MOMENTS 2634.186.1335 I can remember when I first heard on the announcement on the news network. I never thought I would see the day that the Confederation would declare war with the Kilrathi, first there were the problems with the Pilgrim Alliances and their intent for...
  19. Dahan

    Read this before reading Anthology

    Hello Wing Commander Fans and what not, After much thought and consideration from people's feedback I have started a new fan fiction thread - Anthology This thread I would hope works out will be a collection of short stories only, not ongoing fan fiction such as Holding the Line, Front...
  20. Dahan

    Read this before Reading Fall of the Flag

    Plywood Fiend and I have started a joint e-novel in dedication to the 15 years of Wing Commander. This novel is something which I have been thinking for a long time. I hope everyone enjoy reading this, as I hope this is a fitting story for all fans. We request that you make comments on this...