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  1. Marc

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    A very heartfelt merry Christmas to all you Wingnuts out there!
  2. Marc

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    Woa! 7h30 am! missed the midnight mark it this year. Merry Xmas Wingnuts!!! love the artwork that came out from us fans this year. Great community, great site, awsome time. The rookie got tired of clipping his antlers every season, so...
  3. Marc

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    The best gift we could ever hope to have is time with eachother. That's advice I intend to follow myself during the holidays. ...'course, a new game never hurts... Merry Xmas Wingnuts!
  4. Marc

    Neat Carrier

    Right out of the Avengers movie spot: A little more excited to see the film 'cause of that.
  5. Marc

    Merry Xmas WingNuts!!

    As always, the very best to to you and yours in this joyful time of year! Merry Xmas, Wingnuts!! Santa loves his cookies, with milk missiles! 1440x900
  6. Marc

    Merry Xmas WingNuts!!

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts! Have yourselves a merry little one this year! 1280x1024 1440x900
  7. Marc

    'Tis the season

    While it doesn't make a lot of sense to give new holiday themed wallpapers ON Christmas day, I do like give them out on that day... sorta like my present to you fellas. Until then, here are three ghosts from Christmas past: 800x600 1280x1024 1440x900 800x600 1280x1024 1440x900...
  8. Marc

    Ferrets hors d'oeuvres and appetizers

    Just playing with my models again. nothing serious.
  9. Marc

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    Like the song says; althought it's been said many times many ways, Merry Christmas... I call her the TCS Jolly Chimney... she only ships out once a year.
  10. Marc

    I got an AWSOME T-Shirt!

    Ironduke has sent me the most quick-ass X-mass present I could have hoped for! He used one of the pictures I posted and quite frankly did a very kind, generous and all around great CIC spirited thing... My very own PERSONALYSED TCS-Concordia T-shirt! Ironduke rules! Now, granted, I'm...
  11. Marc

    Merry Xmas wingnuts!

    Have a good one everybody!
  12. Marc

    Privateer tactics

    I've recently booted up my original PRIV game by using DOSBOX. good times... good times. Since I'm starting all over again, I find it funny how I instantly whent right back to my orignal tactic, devised so many years ago... I hit the invulnerability button on the option screen, sold my...
  13. Marc

    Succesfull failure

    I set out to create an truly authentic 3D model of the WC Bengal class... In my little nugget of a head, I thought I could simply find THE (singular) refence material and model it. ...I really crashed and burned on that one. You've got you're PC in game model of it, the cut scene version...
  14. Marc

    A gift from 3D texture heaven!

    This page is pure gold for anyone who ever tried to texure a planed in 3D! This person is a Saint I tell you!
  15. Marc

    The little fighter that could

    I got bored. So I made this little fighter. Not exactly original, *cough*BEARCAT*cough*, but I like it's overall simple shape. I told myself it could be some sort of little colonial scout craft somewhere in a backwater sector. Definitely not something I would whant to fly againts a Jalkehi, but...
  16. Marc

    Dreadnaught Flight-deck

    Yeah, I know, I'm getting a little old with this flight-deck stuff. sorry. But I'm not gonna stop any time soon. so... sorry some more. Anyway, I'm constantly doing research and trying new stuff on the Tarawa's FD(flight-deck), improving details, adding new things, adjusting colors... And as...
  17. Marc

    PERRY, where do you land?

    It's a simple matter really... In Privateer, when you landed, the transition sequence never showed exactly where you entered the station... and after that you could only see the view of some honeycomb style landing bay. In my little head, I've got it down to tree possible sites- but I'm...
  18. Marc

    New Detroit

    Allright, here's a simple question; can this pass-off as New Detroit? I'm shure I got the shape 100% right :D , but as for the texture... I don't know. I mean the source image is so small (the image in the lower right corner). Aside from the colors there's not mutch more I can take from it...
  19. Marc

    My favorite WWII movie

    I just found my favorite WWII movie from my childhood on DVD this morning! Memphis Belle! Damn good cinema, and good quality movie-making. God I love this movie! It's got everything a wing commander fan loves about airplanes, but seen from the bomber point of view. I remember watching my...
  20. Marc

    Tarawa's flight deck

    I'm not satisfied with any of the WakeIsland class launch deck i've seen so far (I think i saw one on the Standoff site and the other was mine... from like two months ago) and since I don't like to bitch and complain and then sit on my but and not do anything about it, I did something about it...