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  1. Darkmatter

    Thoughts on the Tractor Beam and Spaced Cargo

    The Tractor Beam in the original game didn't come out as a beam from the front of the ship. It was like a self targetting turret that would lock onto the cargo once you got to within range and drag it into your hold. This was easier since you didn't have to line your ship up perfectly to the...
  2. Darkmatter

    Request: A Repair All button at repair screen

    Having to go through a click fest to find and repair all the different components and armors is annoying. Can't we just get a "repair all" button? It makes sense that you'd dock the ship and you'd say, "fix my baby up" and head to the bar.
  3. Darkmatter

    Can you adjust Joystick dead zone?

    Anyone know? Thanks!
  4. Darkmatter

    Am I missing something?

    First off, congrats on bringing such an ambitious project to life! I was a WC fan right from day 1 when I read an article about WC1 before it was even released and still am a fan today. I think you guys have done a great job of not only remaking the game but adding features along the way. I...