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  1. Bigt028

    Wing Commander on Mac

    Hello, havent been online in a while, i hope all is well. I recently purchased a Mac..wanted to know if anyone has been able to play Wing Commander. The new Mac's do not have disk drives, so i bet my purchased versions of WC3, WC4 and Prophecy would not work because they are on cd's. but is...
  2. Bigt028

    Aliens Colonial Marines (Still a good game)

    I too could not wait for this game to come out and I too bought the Collector’s edition because I am a huge Aliens franchise fan, and Yes I too hated “Aliens Resurrection”. Even Aliens 3 was a stretch, but I did learn that they wanted to try to bring back the fear the original Alien movie...
  3. Bigt028


    anyone get this for xbox? I actually just finished the book version "Homefront The Voice of Freedom" and really enjoyed it. knowing full well that it was co authored by John Milius, the director of Red Dawn... the book did a great job of explaining the back story of the how and when this...
  4. Bigt028

    Dragon's Lair

    Greetings all, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, as the new year approches, i got a memory dump from way bak in my youth playing other video games and a few classic comes to mind and i wanted to ask if anyone has played them recently on pc or console. They are the LaserDisk games, i...
  5. Bigt028

    Space Quest

    placing this thread into "off topic", not sure who played this masterpiece of a game, but now i am looking to get it again....was talking to friends about older games and one of them spit out Space Quest...brought back some great memories, the entire series was great. anyone know if this is...
  6. Bigt028

    Strategy Guides

    Ok, again this may have been covered, however i couldnt find a post i am looking for a decent "Strategy" or "guide" book for the wing commander games, i just picked up on Ebay the "official strategy guide for WCIV by Origin and it pretty good... so my question is should i be looking for the...
  7. Bigt028

    WC Game Story Arc

    Ok this may have been discused, however i am replaying WC IV on my psp and am enjoying it, i have both plots saved to play if i defect right away and if i dont, just to see the added scenes. so, my thoughts are...if you dont defect and then attack the Intrepid as ordered, Eisen offers you a...
  8. Bigt028

    DarkStar One

    OK, i just read the latest issue of "Official Xbox Magazine" and they memtioned this game comming out. they actually mention Wing Commander!!!! as a tribute, this looks great, not sure if anyone else read or knows about this game.
  9. Bigt028

    Star Voyager Academy

    anyone read this, i just came across it when i was searching the Wing Commander novels. written by Forstchen and if looked up by amazon, has "wing commander" words along with it, is this a junior novel or about WC academy days....thanks Freedom Flight End Run Fleet Action Heart of The...
  10. Bigt028

    Wing Commander Armada

    looking for this game, havent played it and thought it would be fun, what actually is the premis...the trailer shows building resources, building ships..reminds me of an old star trek trek armada
  11. Bigt028

    Super Wing Commander

    i talked about this before, however i was going through some boxes and came across this game again..i really want to play it..SWC for 3Do however Ebay lists are still expensive...any other thougts.. i was hoping to find someone selling their system with WC3 for 3Do as well...
  12. Bigt028

    Dead Space

    anyone playing this, i just got it for xbox 360 and this is really creepy... i also found out that a prequal movie animated was just released on dvd, and also a trade paperback of the pre-prequal sotry arc. i am looking for this now to catch up... since i am new to this game any...
  13. Bigt028

    Defying Gravity

    anyone watching this show... the pilot was a 2 hour, however it really was just 2 episodes back to back then there was two additional episodes, the newest lasw week show times Sunday 10:00 on ABC its interesting...wanted to know other thoughts
  14. Bigt028

    PSP Playstation Portable

    ok, i know this is an odd one,, does anyone know or heard of any reviews on PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 i have the first generation PSP and i really enjoy it, however the newer onces have the ability to plug into the tv (very cool) so, i have an oportunity to pick one up, but not sure if i should...
  15. Bigt028

    deadliest catch alaskan storm 360

    ok, so i just go a 360, love it, bought Mas Effect platinum edition and this is great... now on to deadliest catch, hooked om the show, can anyone provide any feedback on the 360 game? it looks cool, management of crew, boat, how to crab fish...however the reviews are not looking good, maybe...
  16. Bigt028

    Mass Effect 360

    ok, i keep bringing up space sims for the 360, so here i am at the store and this game jumps out at me, looks great, G4 gave it a 5 out of 5, never saw that before and this game allows you to pick what to say. ok, so anyone played it and can report back..thanks
  17. Bigt028

    the warrior king

    i just finished watching the "warrior king" episodes. thanks to CIC for providing the links to each episode. I really enjoyed this series, especially with Michael Dorn providing the voice over for the warrior king. i was interested to know if anyone else noticed the similarity of this four...
  18. Bigt028

    "Project Sylpheed" for xbox 360

    ok so i may be behind the times but i just got a xbox360 for the holidays and found this game. look similar to a Wing Commander type game and wanted to know if anyone has it, played it and can offer any comments, is it worth playing. thanks
  19. Bigt028

    xbox games

    ok, so i got an xbox 360 for my birthday, and i wanted to know if you can play xbox games on a 360. i found a conversion link that shows many games playable on the 360 however a friend told me about "jaws unleashed" and it is only for xbox, does anyone know if this game cam be played on the...
  20. Bigt028

    Above and Beyond

    ok, i talked about this before, however i just saw the last two episodes from the DVD collection and was blown away! i had to rewatch the last episode twice, i really threw me for a loop. so does anyone know if there was a script for a second season opener.. a crazy way to end the season and...