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  1. Triple-B

    Privateer 2 PAD Sounds?

    Hi, can someone help me with the search query above mentioned? I can't find the PAD Voices anymore. Thanks :)
  2. Triple-B

    WC Standoff, Secret Ops and Darkest Dawn Movies?

    Hi, I want my best friend to finally experience the Wing Commander Story. He hates space sims, so he refuses to play the titles for more than 10 years now. However he agreed to watch the game movies. So I know, that there are some game movies, but is there also a movie for the above mentioned...
  3. Triple-B

    Wing Commander Prophecy Secret Ops and Darkest Dawn Movies?

    Hi Folks, I know that we have a WC3,4 and Prophecy movie. But is there also a secret ops and Darkest Dawn movie so far? Not sure if I missed it. Thanks
  4. Triple-B

    Album for Backers

    can someone perhaps upload the songs on youtube, for listening purpose only?
  5. Triple-B

    BREAKING: WC Prophecy on GOG

    It happened
  6. Triple-B

    Privateer 2: The Darkening is now on gog!!!

    Finally, Pirvateer 2 is on gog. Check it out :)
  7. Triple-B

    Parsec OST

    Hey, anyone knows a working mirror for that great Parsec Soundtrack? The offical site is not working. thanks :)
  8. Triple-B

    GOG WC 3 No Music and Joystick :(

    Hi, I just installed the GOG Version of WC3. Unfortunately I do not have music in the missions and on the carrier. The Vids just work fine and the Joystick is not working in the game, though calibration was successful. Can anyone help please
  9. Triple-B

    Video of the "Best ending"

    Hey, I just finished standoff for the second time now. I saw the "normal ending" and the "loosing ending". However, after completing the games two times in a row, the game is somehow corrupted. I can't get it to work again. Besides, I can't achieve the last mission flawless, so that I can...
  10. Triple-B

    Other DRM Free Download Sources like GOG

    Hi, I was wondering if there are other DRM free digital game retailers, than GOG out there?
  11. Triple-B

    WC1 Secret Missions 3 with GOG WC1

    Hi there, I just tried to extract the files from HCL's Secret Missions 3 into the GOG Version of WC 1 and did folowed the readme. However when I run the executive file for SM3, the game starts with SM2. Also there is no sound and the game runs to fast. I believe I have to start DOSBOX first...
  12. Triple-B

    Unknown Enemy Upgrade

    Hi, I was just wondering what the progress is, on the UE Graphics Upgrade from the CIC's birthday anouncement. :) Thanks
  13. Triple-B

    Sick of it, I Want to Play Arena on PC..

    Is there a working option for running arena on a PC? I don't have an XBOX und I don't want to buy one, just for Arena. I simply want to play Arena on PC on Single Player mode. Has any one tried an emulator so far, that works? Thanks :)
  14. Triple-B

    Secret Missions 1.5?

    I just found the Secret Missions 1.5 in the wcpedia. Is this a fan made mission pack? Or just fan ficition?
  15. Triple-B

    Upload of Thomas Bruckners WC Page

    Does anyone have a backup of thomas bruckners page?
  16. Triple-B

    Any more WCSO Ships available?

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering if there are more WCSO ships available than on killerwaves page and here I might be looking for an arrow pirate version
  17. Triple-B

    Damn Darn DRM Discussion

    I just hope this new wc game is not going to be STEAMy DRM crap, or otherwise we will have a hard time to preserve this game for the future, when the support will be once cut off
  18. Triple-B

    OpenGL package for WCP/SO Question

    what are the concrete changes from Version 0.4 to the new 1.2? actually the version 0.4 really works great thanks :)
  19. Triple-B


    Is the Kor-Larh actually flying upside down? I mean is the windowglass showing downside? I was just confused, when checking the target designation in the wcpedia
  20. Triple-B

    WCP edit changing stats

    Hi, if I change the stats of a ship with the wcp edit programm ( ship swapper), does the programm overwrite the existing stats of a ship, or does it create an alternate specific "save file" or ship file for its own use? thanks :)