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  1. Oggy

    Article in Retro Gamer

    Greetings Pilots, There is a feature on Origin in this Months Retro Gamer UK magazine. I could scan it in here at the office, but I don't want to get me, or the site or the guys in trouble. If Ben or Chris or someone reads this, I can scan it if you want it, there is an interview with Richard...
  2. Oggy

    Star Citizen gets Mainstream Coverage

    Hi guys, The BBC in the UK has run an article on Star Citizen and the Kickstarter campaign. Its a bit light on detail, but its some mainstream coverage outside of computer game sites and mags :)
  3. Oggy

    Oggy's Thesis Design Scheme

    Greetings Pilots, I thought I would post a few images of my Thesis Design Project for my Masters. It's a local level museum and conservation archive with workshops in a large rural town, built on a historically important site. I have all the plans and everything if anyone is interested :)...
  4. Oggy

    System Specs

    Greeting Pilots! Its that got to the point that my old XP (Yes, ancient I know haha, there is a story there) rig just isn't cutting it anymore and I am looking at building a new one Any ideas on specifications for running Star Citizen at a decent frame rate and detail? Cheers, Oggy
  5. Oggy

    FTL: Faster than light

    Alright chaps, Has anybody else picked this up from steam or good old games? I got it after reading about it in last months PCGamer. I have been playing this for the past week when I have got a spare half an hour, my word it is difficult, I can't get any further than sector 4, good fun...
  6. Oggy

    Stepping into the Past - EA catalogue 94-95

    Alright chaps, As I promised, I have scanned in the EA catalogue. I think this either came with the UK big box release of Wing Commander 3 or possibly with Bioforge. Its in A5 format, with a game to each page. the exceptions are Wing Commander 3 and Magic Carpet, which get a full 2 page...
  7. Oggy

    Privateer 2 documents

    Hello Chaps, With the site being on a bit of a Privateer 2 kick, I went hunting for my copy. Shock horror, one of the CDs is missing, but I uncovered the following document that was included in the UK release. I have uploaded this for the archives. I also found a copy of the EA CD-ROM...
  8. Oggy

    100% Pure Adrenaline

    Hello Chaps, I was moving some boxes at home at the weekend, look what came fluttering out of one of them (shortly followed by the manuals, CDs and the game box for WCIII) I had a good search over the site and couldn't find a record of it (Might have missed it), so I am uploading for the...
  9. Oggy

    Louis Kahn - Exeter Library, USA

    Hey guys, Just wondering if any of our American Wingnuts can help me at all? I am the works of Louis Kahn (again) as he is one of the most influencial architects upon my own work. There are two buildings that I am particularly interested in, the first is the National Assembly in Dahka...
  10. Oggy

    Erin Roberts new job

    Wow, I finally got a bit of time off to give freelancer a go. Imagine my surprise to see none other than the Erin Roberts running the Bar on the Battleship Missouri :) little touches and cross overs like this always make me smile Any advice for some one just starting out in the galaxy...
  11. Oggy

    Rugby Union

    Yo guys & gals, hoping you might be able to help a friend of mine at university studying sports science. One of the subjects she is writting a report about is the penetration of rugby union to grass roots level, and like the muggins I am I said would help (as it was rugby related) She is...
  12. Oggy

    Direct X 9

    Alright Dudes (and Dudettes) I have aqcuired a spanking new copy Splinter Cell that has come complete with Direct X 9. The Game works fine with Direct X 8.1b, but i am tempted to install the new version, but I am concerned that it will be a bug-riddled mess that will knacker my machine from...
  13. Oggy

    Drop Dead Gorgeous

    We had a late night working session in the studio on Sunday, and to make it more bearable we have films on in the background, one of my colleagues brought in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Is that Pliers as the owner of the hardware store?
  14. Oggy

    Unreal II

    Hey ho guys and gals Unreal II has gone gold over here in the UK and once again the the level of 'realism' in game rendering has shot up a few notches, I have only just obtained a copy of afore mentioned game so haven't got very far with it yet (I am currently hexing my machine to try and...
  15. Oggy

    Sleep Deprivation

    Last week of Semester one, got about eight projects to hand in on friday and i am pulling my third all night working spree in a row, at half eight tomorrow I will have been awake for 72 hours, whats the longest you guys have gone with out sleep? any more than that? (I seem to have picked up a...
  16. Oggy

    Splinter Cell

    Okay, it looks great and all, and I am waiting for it to come out on PC PCZone have it slated for Jan '03 An advertising poster at Virgin says 29th November 2002(date passed) although the staff haven't a clue The Splinter cell website doesn't have a release date, and the guy at PlayTime...
  17. Oggy

    Pin Pinching

    okay, I went bowling with my best mate and his girlfriend, yesterday (Tuesday), while bowling, I got a strike and one of the pins came skidding down the lane towards me and lodged in the gutter, I went a retrieved it and took it home (stealing is naughty, I know) He and his girlfriend came...
  18. Oggy


    Question about the board, how do i put a picture in a post, i can't link to my hard drive as you will just get a red x, so what do i need to do?
  19. Oggy

    wc deluxe on 95?

    while trawling through e-bay, i found wing commander deluxe edition for sale in the UK, the owner claims it runs under windows 95, is this true, or is he telling pork pies in the hope someone will buy it?
  20. Oggy

    Phase Shields?

    Okay, so in WCI captial ships didn't have phase shields and they could be destroyed with your ships guns in WCII, the ships have phase shields and require torpedoes to destroy them in WC III/IV we are back to non-phase shielded ships and being able to destroy them with guns again and in...