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  1. powell99

    Interesting E-Bay find...

    I was checking around E-bay, browsing and I found this; I saw the name and swore it was just some kind of scam, like there was a couple years...
  2. powell99

    PC Gamer 100 best PC games of all time

    I was looking over PC Gamer's website and noticed that Wing Commander III made the list this year at 72. Though they used a screenshot from WCIV. It's a shame Freespace 2 got higher on the list, but it's always neat to see Wing Commander mentioned in a positive light in a magazine. Check out...
  3. powell99

    The WCM Broadsword

    So, the Film's Rapiers were made from old English Electric Lightnings, but I've always wondered about the Movie's Broadswords. Were they made from scratch? Because they sure look like the cockpits of old English Electric/Martin Canberra Bombers. What do you guys think?
  4. powell99

    Landreich Flag

    Hey everyone, I've been reading through False Colors and I decided I'd try my hand at making a Free Republic of the Landreich flag. It's not the greatest, in a matter of fact it pretty much sucks, but this is sort of how I imagined it to look.
  5. powell99

    The movie Bengal

    For every ship in the WCM we have a reason why they look wildly different than their game counterpart, and in most cases that's because they're different ships, so I wondered, is there a reason the Bengal of the movie looks nothing like the one in the games? Is it just artistic direction, or did...
  6. powell99

    Indiana Jones Trailer

    How many have seen it? What did you think? I have to say I'm definatley looking forward to a new Indiana Jones!
  7. powell99

    The Big Year

    Okay, I've been playing around with the idea of a fan fic for a long time, but I figured I'd actually go for it now. It's 2669, the Big Year in the Terran-Kilrathi War, and the TCS Saratoga and her crew have thier work cut out from New Years to the end of the War and after the Treaty of Torgo...
  8. powell99

    Navy Field

    Anyone here play it? I saw a guy a while ago who had a ship and named it the Tigers Claw. Before I could ask if he posted here I died and accedentaly quit. Anyways was it some one here?
  9. powell99

    Off to England tomorrow

    Damn im excited! I love traveling. Anyways I think it will be wierd that I have to spend the 4th of July in London. So I learned I can't go to France. However, Im going to Scotland and Newcastle. If there is something I should see in Newcastle please tell me because I am curious.
  10. powell99

    I did it!

    I got my medical certification. Pretty soon I will have my pilots certification in no time. I was suppose to have it in December and my cousin died and it resulted in the dianosis of antidepressants I did not need. Needless to say I was pissed. But I have it now!
  11. powell99

    Im pissed off. Venting Anger

    I have the worst ass-wipe PE teacher. I work my ass off in that class and do everything have to do. Of course I only weigh 140 pounds and I am six three. I also am the most physically uncoordinated student. Naturally horrible at everything. Anyways the worthless crap-pipe says that he grades on...
  12. powell99

    WCIV DVD OWNERS: A favour please

    I was wondering if you could get some of the following screenshots 1. every room possible on the Lexington 2. An external shot of the Lexington 3. CINC-CON-FLT HQ 4. The Confed Armada that is on its way to attack the UBW Navy.
  13. powell99

    USS San Francisco SSN-711

    Probably my favorite boat in the US Navy is the USS San Francisco. This is probably because I went on it when I was 5 but thats not the point. I looked it up on the net again and I learned it was the sub that ran into a mountain.
  14. powell99

    Some bugs I noticed

    Okay I was playing it last night when I saw some interesting things. One was Voyager from Star Trek. That was pretty weird. Another thing Is that occasionaly the Jump points will be invisible. The final thing are the mass-drivers; are they supposed to shoot nearly invisible spheres?
  15. powell99

    Where to go in france and england

    I'm staying in England for a Month and I was windering what I should go see.
  16. powell99

    Priv asteroid depot

    I was playing Privateer last night when I found it! (Well sorta) Okay what I found was the Steltek Derelect. However, in Priv the Drone is thought to be Kilrathi. Thus I made the conclusion that the Derelect it the Depot. BTW: It was my first time playing Privateer's story line.
  17. powell99

    The TCS Firekka's Simulator

    Will it be in Ep.2 because it would allow the player to get more flight time in Standoff's fighters. I mean by now if you go around playing the missions like me over and over, you should be pretty good by now. Of course the problem is that we are only good against Talons and Tarsus and we are...
  18. powell99

    Howie Day, Subsim, Enigma Rising Tide

    Well a couple of times I have stated that I am interested in Naval Games. I browse the forums from Subsim all of the time and I found something that is very interesting. I was looking at the some changes to the game Engima Rising Tide. I was looking at the New PT boat and noticed that the person...
  19. powell99

    Talahasse and Shefeilds (a wc history question)

    I read on the WC Galactic Conflict forums that they were a pre-war design. This would make sense considering they look like the Victory. I also remeber LOAF saying this as well. However, for the love of god, how can they be so good in WC3. I understand refits and whatnot but, really I remember...
  20. powell99

    Operation Flashpoint 2

    Im eagerly awaiting this game. I thought Flashpoint was great minus the fact that it was based on a 1998 Graphics engine. I mean the latter addons on the net looked great but still a bit dated. Not to mention the fact that the physics were screwey. Like one time I nailed a UAZ with a LAW and the...