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  1. LeHah

    Freddie Prinze Jr Coming to Rhode Island ComiCon

    A few days after Mark Hamill's NYCC announcement comes the *other* Christopher Blair! Freddie Prinze Jr will be at Rhode Island ComiCon this November.
  2. LeHah

    Mark Hamill Is Coming To NYCC

    Wanted to give some northeastern Wingnuts a heads-up that Mark Hamill will be at New York ComiCon this year, doing both signings and photo ops. He'll be there Saturday and Sunday (as of now, only Sunday tickets are still available.) If anyone wants to meet up and hang out, it might be cool to...
  3. LeHah

    Cast The Wing Commander Novels!

    I think we had a thread like this many, many years ago - but I can't seem to find it. Figured its time to go another around... I'm sure many if not most of us WC fans have read the novels, most of which feature characters that weren't in the games. Sure, we know Mark Hamill played Christopher...
  4. LeHah

    John Rhys-Davies Coming To NYCC

    Just a heads-up to my fellow east-coasters: Paladin himself John Rhys-Davies will be at New York ComiCon for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He'll be signing and doing photo-ops with fans. (Much more importantly, I will...
  5. LeHah

    WC3 Playstation - Complete!

    I've been poking around Ebay and picking up older games I never got around to. And while I have WC3 on the Playstation, I only have the discs and not the box or the manual. That said, I also don't know what the set looks like "complete" - as often the case between ports, there is stuff edited or...
  6. LeHah

    Rest In Peace, Larry Latham

    Bearer of bad news, Wingnuts. One of the best of our best has passed on. Larry Latham was the producer on Wing Commander Academy, the 1996 cartoon series on USA Network that I'm sure we're all familiar with. Despite working a lifetime in animation it was one of his few Producer credits. I...
  7. LeHah

    Wing Commander Academy Season 2

    Yeah, I know, I know - WCA was canned because of the change in syndication rules. But I know the show did pretty well for the USA Network. How much do we know about the unmade Season 2?
  8. LeHah

    Cassette Tape Question

    After about five years of looking, I finally found an old cassette tape in my house that has something I'd like to send in for the CIC party this year. Anyone have any suggestions to recording it to MP3? Should I just get an old cassette player and record it on my IPhone?
  9. LeHah

    WC3 "Radio" Rollins Con Appearance

    Courtney Gains, the man who played Radio Rollins in Wing Commander 3, will be at Monsterpalooza on March 28th - 30th, along with a huge list of other famous actors and talents.
  10. LeHah

    AMA - Mark Hamill - Jan 22

    Reddit will have Wing Commander's own Mark Hamill for a AMA (Ask Me Anything) this Wendsday, the 22nd at 4 pm.
  11. LeHah

    One Last Sortie...

    With the release of the Xbox One, we're now staring down the barrel of the end of the Seventh Generation of gaming consoles. This means that we're finally on a timeline when it comes to accessing Xbox Live and its multiplayer features; admittedly, MS has said it'll be years before they shut down...
  12. LeHah

    Peter Lamont Book Forthcoming

    For those of you not in the know, Peter Lamont is a legendary Production / Art Designer on many famous movies, including the vast majority of 007 films. He also was the PD on 1999's Wing Commander and it sounds like a book is coming out based on his time in Hollywood. Though I have no doubt most...
  13. LeHah

    WiFi Access and Bandwidth

    Though this is a tech issue, it's not WC, so I'm putting it here. Basically, my living arrangements mean I share an Internet connection and by and large this is not a problem. I'm really the only one who uses it. However, I found out this kid is coming by later this week and every time he...
  14. LeHah

    Space Above And Beyond 3CD Soundtrack Set

    Knowing quite a few Wingnuts are also fans of the short-lived FOX series Space: Above And Beyond, I figured it might be news that soundtrack label LaLaLand Records has just put up a preorder for a limited edition 3CD set of the music for the series by composer Shirley Walker. You can order and...
  15. LeHah

    Ultima! New Annoucement!

    Looks like the Ultima Forever website just went live! I'm still going through it myself but it looks like EA is interested in keeping the series alive and well and archived, which is great news.
  16. LeHah

    Malcolm MCDowell

    Malcolm McDowell's One Man Play To Hit DVD I received an email today. A reply from an email I had sent in 2007... about a then-recent performance of Malcolm McDowell's one man play. Figured this would be of minor interest. Its really just McDowell talking about his work with famed british...
  17. LeHah

    Another Internet Cynical Essay About FMV Games The way this guy writes makes me want to punch him in the throat.
  18. LeHah

    David Arnold In Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

    Composer David Arnold (who also did the themes for the Wing Commander movie), was given the dubious honor of having his music used by NASA recently. The Twitter post read... @NASA: The shuttle crew was awakened at 1:21aET to the song "Theme from Statgate." (Obviously...
  19. LeHah

    Malcolm McDowell Signing, January 12th

    A bit of a surprise notification landed in my lap today: actor Malcolm McDowell (best remembered on these boards as Tolwyn from Wing Commander 3, 4 and Academy TAS) will be signing photos and DVDs (Halloween, Halloween 2 and Time After Time) at Dark Delicacies in California this January 12th...
  20. LeHah

    Together Again For The First Time

    Often, we get people on here who mention they've spotted some of their favorite Wing Commander stars on TV shows, movies and commercials. But how often can we say that we've seen two of them share the same scene outside of our favorite gaming series? Some of us older folks might remember the...