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    GOG Delisting Several EA Games (June 25, 2021)

    I found a few articles on why EA delisted the titles. Unfortunately, they don't actually explain why they delisted the titles. "When making decisions that affect players we take the...
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    A timeline of the far future

    They are only listing films, with the exception of Star Trek which appears in both film and television. I didn't know RoboCop and Alien had firm dates. And I thought The Matrix happening in 2199 was retconned in the two sequels.
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    Run All Old WC Games in DOSBox Walkthrough

    I recommend the DOS to Windows patch found here.
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    WC3 capital ship kills

    Thanks. Another random thing I noticed was how the names are listed in the kill board. At first it didn't make much sense to me (and I liked how in WC1 the names were ranked by number of kills). Then I noticed that the callsigns are listed, but they are ordered alphabetically by last name...
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    WC3 capital ship kills

    I've been playing through WC3 and keeping track of my kills and I noticed that capital ship kills don't seem to count on the kill board. The most noticeable example was Tamayo 2. The number of kills I got matched with the number of fighters, but I had to have gotten at least a few of the 4...
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    More Info on Streaming Wing Commander Academy! (May 10, 2020)

    Just watched all of "Red and Blue" with closed captioning on. There were a few mistakes, but nothing terrible. They even used the correct spelling for "Geoffrey" Tolwyn. So what is the "restored footage" and where would it be in the episode? I also noticed that the "Savage Dragon" series is...
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    More Info on Streaming Wing Commander Academy! (May 10, 2020)

    This is very cool! I have X1 and I just did a quick comparison of a few minutes of "Red and Blue". The first thing I noticed was that the audio mixing in the beginning of the episode is much better. In the DVD, the music and FX drown out the dialogue, but the voices are very clear on X1. I...
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    Meet the WC2 Characters... as of 1990! (April 15, 2020)

    Jazz's line in SM2 does seem to be intentional foreshadowing. What would make the most sense is that Jazz's role ended up being changed after the WC2 design doc was written in December 1990 and since SM2 wasn't released until April 1991, there was time for the script to be written to fit the...
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    How does the computer control wingmen?

    It's been a while, but I think there is a way to give orders to the "extra" wingmen. You have to target them first and then you can order them home. In some ways it works like taunting an enemy. The option to communicate only shows up on a target.
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    How is determined if and which award or promotion you get

    Interesting. Most of the missions where you don't get a medal have a rediculous number of medal points. I wonder if in cases like Kurasawa 1, the mission got tweaked to make it less difficult, but the medal points required for the medal wasn't adjusted accordingly. I find it amusing that...
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    How is determined if and which award or promotion you get

    I’m actually in the midst of a playthrough (Corsair 1 is next. Ugh) and I’ve been keeping track of my medals. A few things that I noticed that differ from your list: Kurasawa 1: I don’t get a medal. With 6 Dralthi, 3 Krant, 2 Jalthi and 3 Dorkir (165 points), there aren’t enough points...
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    Wing Commander Academy Timeline

    Hi, Just wondering if you had a chance to look at the storyboards.
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    Starflight III Fig Campaign

    Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard. I'm actually unfamiliar with Fig as well. I really want to see this happen. They have an impressive group of industry people giving interviews. 360kB for each 5.25" floppy. :)
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    Wing Commander Academy Timeline

    This wasn't actually the first time that I've seen it. It's been a while though and this was probably the first time I saw them all in nearly one sitting and noticed the continuing plot threads more. And it was a great show. Were the Edens' familiar with the franchise beforehand? A lot of...
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    Wing Commander Academy Timeline

    I just binge watched the series the other day using the "Timeline Order" for viewing and I was wondering how the episode order was determined. Placing "Expendable" before "Chain of Command" makes sense. But it seems that Archer's story arc (freezing up in combat) is resolved in "Walking...
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    WC1 "The Path of Most Medals" + helpful links

    Very interesting. And you did confirm that Hunter does need to die to win the medal in Venice 1. I'm kind of surprised that most guides I've found have inaccurate/incomplete medal information. I'm still wondering how to get the Gold Star in Firekka 2. Personally, I always try to get the best...
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    WC1: Venice 1

    And I think killing Khajja is important too. I stayed on the winning path so he shows up in Venice 1.
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    WC1: Venice 1

    No. It's been a while since I've tried. Someone posted above that Hunter has to die during the mission. Or is it that you get extra points for the mission if your wingman is already dead?
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    Wing Commander Academy in Arabic (October 4, 2017)

    Just out of curiosity, what other languages was the series dubbed in?
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    Hypothetically Cruise Though No Man's Sky At A Cool 500 KPS (August 28, 2016)

    I was thinking Starflight. It already has a lot of the feel of it (part of the reason I got it). A huge number of planets to explore, mining resources, interacting with aliens, and while Starflight had more of a plot (does No Man's Sky have a plot?), you were mostly free to just explore at...