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    Confed Patrols in Privateer

    I was wondering on the drive home today, why would Confed patrol for contraband? It seems like with the war going on, they would leave those kinds of issues up to the local militias. And for that matter, what is the relationship between Confed and all the worlds in the Gemini Sector? Is there a...
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    Firekkan looking thing in Star Trek: Animated Series

    I was hoping there was a more spammy like thread section I could post this in. But I just had to show everyone the alien in this that looks quite similar to a Firekkan.
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    Power distribution question.

    In WC4, sometimes when I'm taking off and rearrange the power distribution the shield power is higher than it normally is. By about a fifth of a full bar. While I like having the extra power to distribute, it's still strange. I guess this is probably just a bug or something. But does anyone else...
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    Hunters of Dune

    Anyone else here Dune fans? While I rather enjoyed the House prequels, and had very mixed feelings about the Butlerian Jihad series, I have very high hopes for Hunters of Dune that's being released this August. Right now you can read the four first chapters of the book here...
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    Bear pelts

    I really don't know why, but lately I've been obsessed with this idea for a product called Steven Seagal's Fine Bear Pelts! It just seems like the next logical step in his career for some reason to market and sale these. So I threw together this crappy collage thingy as a rough draft of how I...
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    Glory Road

    Flash is in a movie called Glory Road. This makes me think of Wing Commander. Cause of Flash.
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    The Boondocks

    Honestly, I didn't even feel like giving it a chance when I saw the previews for it. But after seeing the Christmas episode, I've become a fan. Hilarious.
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    Near Firekka 2

    I'm on SM2 mission with Doomsday and as far as I can tell this mission is impossible. At first I'd just go to nav 1 afterburning past the wing of Grathas obviously. But even then Doomsday takes a bunch of hits and he's almost dead by the time I go to nav 2 where the Jalthis are. It's usually...
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    Steltek Physiology

    I was just wondering what I'm looking at here. Sort of reminds me of a jellyfish but does this Steltek thing have eyes or a mouth. It's just hard to tell looking at it this way.
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    Effin Previews!

    I went yesterday to see Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. But not before I had to watch this seemingly endless stream of previews for the most retarded looking movies ever. How many times can they keep remaking the same movies? There was this one with Billy Bob Thornton where he's some washed...
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    Oblivion Trailer Here's where you can download the E3 Oblivion trailer. Looks quite impressive. It also had Patrick Stewart in it as the voice of Uriel Septim.
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    Swedish Fish

    I'm really sorry but I just had to talk about this very briefly cause I just had quite an epiphany. I've always wondered just what it was that Swedish Fish taste like. And now I got it! Pears! Swedish Fish taste like pears!
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    Melek's Surrender

    Not sure how you couldn't vote for that scene. It was so well done. With the music and everything. When Melek bows and looks up at Blair and says the Kilrathi must not die out as a race, that scene always gives me the chills when I watch it. The timing of the music was perfect I thought.
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    Animal Precinct

    Do any of you ever watch this show? It's almost compelling, and depressing and gross. I was watching it the other day and it was the typical scenario where the animal cop people find some junkyard dogs who were seemingly abandoned. So after a couple days they managed to get the dogs out. There...
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    Help in P2 mission.

    I've been stuck on that mission in Privateer 2 where you are supposed to rescue the governor or Anhur's daughter. I figured out the first two clues of where I'm supposed to go for Scipio's message, but this last one doesn't make any sense to me. Can any of you help me figure it out? Here it...
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    Privateer 2 Music

    I've been listening to the 6 MIDI tracks from Privateer 2 lately. Though it's been awhile since I've played the game, this is hardly how I remember the music being. I recognize the tunes, but yet it still sounds so different. So I was wondering if any of you had P2 tracks on your computer...
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    WC4: The Movie

    That's such a fantastic idea. I actually have now a DVD of Wing Commander 3 that Asher cross put together for me. It's great, it's got all the cinematics and mission briefings in it. Then all the extra scenes include the paths of the story that I didn't want to go down. He was working on a...
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    Good old games

    As of late, I've been feeling an increasing nostalgia about my old games I played on my 386. Many I have been trying to play again on my today computer. A few in particular include Lands of Lore, Kyrandia, Dark Forces, Diablo, Under a Killing Moon, Myst, Wing Commander, Sim City 2000, Pandora...
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    Curb Your Enthusiam

    I've only recently begun to watch this show. I just finished the first season and I must say I was pretty impressed. But as funny as it is, it pisses me off just as much. I know it's a pretty far fetched show, but everyone in the show except Larry and maybe his Manager and his other friend are...
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    Johny Carson

    Tis no R named death. But Johny Carson died at 79.