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    WC3 capital ship kills

    I've been playing through WC3 and keeping track of my kills and I noticed that capital ship kills don't seem to count on the kill board. The most noticeable example was Tamayo 2. The number of kills I got matched with the number of fighters, but I had to have gotten at least a few of the 4...
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    Wing Commander Academy Timeline

    I just binge watched the series the other day using the "Timeline Order" for viewing and I was wondering how the episode order was determined. Placing "Expendable" before "Chain of Command" makes sense. But it seems that Archer's story arc (freezing up in combat) is resolved in "Walking...
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    I thought this might be of interest to fans of classic PC gaming: Apparently John Williams knows about this, but couldn't divulge anything more. Could this mean that a large software publisher has decided to dust off its classic IP portfolio? Hmmm....
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    Secret Ops audio problem

    Hi, I have a slight problem with the audio in Secret Ops. Some of the dialogue during missions seems to have portions that are missing. For example, the subtitle for the Cerberus would say something like "Good job, Alpha One. You are cleared to land," and it would come out saying "Good...
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    WC3 killboard

    I was just wondering: I've been playing through the games from start to finish (I started before the Replay thing) and have been keeping track of kills, medals, etc. I've noticed that after some missions in WC3 I get impossibly high number of kills after certain missions. For example, 123 for...
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    WC1: Venice 1

    Quick question. I've been going through WC1 trying to score all the medals (while sticking completely to the winning path). I've read in a few sources that you're supposed to win a Silver Star in the first Venice mission. I've played it a few times now, killing all the targets myself (11 out...