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  1. L.I.F.

    From the Stars: Wing Commander ships in From The Depths

    From The Depths is a pretty nifty voxel game (construction à la Minecraft) that is designed around building ships, submarines, aircraft and spaceships with armament, subsystems, sensors, etc., to have them fight. After building some other stuff, I've just started a quite ambitious project: a...
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    Freelancer porting of Wing Commander ships

    CURRENT DOWNLOAD LINK (October 11th, 2019): Wing Beta version link: WC Mod The Beta version includes a complete replacement of weapons with a new balance system...
  3. L.I.F.

    Historical Parallels: essay on Tolwyn

    Oi, I've wanted to write that one for quite a long time, on a character we all love and hate: Let’s talk about the character who was the face of humanity during the Kilrathi War. Let’s talk about a hero. Let’s talk about a traitor. Let’s talk about Geoffrey Tolwyn, through the historical...
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    A busy day.

    A BUSY DAY Chapter 1: Getting away from trouble For the first time in ages, I walk straight. I’ve been drinking myself under the table lately. It is over. We lost, and if what I’ve heard about New Varsaw is true,....... Well, those Joint Chiefs blokes might’ve been the lucky...
  5. L.I.F.

    WCP : SO cannot launch

    I tried recently to play to the Secret Ops, for Prophecy, so I downloaded the starter pack from the CIC, re-installed WCP, and unzipped Secret Ops. It installed without problems (I don't know when I need to register, but I didn't have to, during the setup), but when I try to start the game, it...