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    Privateer Gemini Gold probs

    Cant get joystick to work with Gemini gold I am running windows xp with a ton of newly added updates but it didn't work before I added the updates, intel p4 3.0 with HT asus motherboard and a saitek x-45 joystick and throttle/rudder combo any help would be veru useful as this is my favorite game...
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    Joystick Problems as well

    It seems that my saitek x45 is not recognized by privateer I can play fine with my mouse but it just is not the same at ALL! My ship just spins and there is nothing I cn do about it I don;t know what to do should I buy a new jostick please someone help me i love this game!!
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    Ship just spins

    I don't think Privateer is detecting my joystick I am using a saitek x-45 throttle joystick combo if I have to buy a new joystick I will I love this game always have please let me know if there is something I am not doing and/or need to do to make it dectec my joystick and throttle thanks.