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    9 years to complete this game!

    When I was 12, my brother and I played the original game and managed to get up to the end of the ES missions (my brother used to fly through the asteroid fields whilst I did the fighting). Unfortunately after this point we didn't know what to do and went everywhere apart from a mining base! I...
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    Tachyon guns have something to tell you!!!

    Want to know what the best gun in the game is? Easy! Buy a Centurion (to have a clear view), buy a tachyon gun and place it on the right (or starboard) wing and then use the outside view to zoom in on the gun (there's a little message).
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    A couple of questions...

    Please will someone tell me: 1) Can I leave the Destinee missions half done, do the original missions and then return to the Destinee missions without messing anything up? 2) Is there a programme that simulates MS DOS for Windows 2000 (I think someone mentioned something called DosBox...)...
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    Thank You!

    I've just downloaded and started playing the remake and am very happy! I remember playing Privateer for the first time when I was 12 and have very fond memories of the game, though I never completed it as I was rubbish at flying through asteroid fields! I've always wanted to play it again but...