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    Wing Commander without dying...

    Has anyone ever tried or even done this? I once managed to get through the Vega missions of WC1 without dying. It was back on the Amiga, so there were no secret missions or sequels to carry on with. I'd like to try this again soon.
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    A website of mine... If anyone is interested, it has an article on Star Citizen and one on Wing Commander :)
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    Wc3 and WC Saga timelines...

    Hey all, I'm going to be playing through the entire WC universe soon. I've never played though Standoff (don't ask why!!) or WC Saga, so I'm thinking of playing through using game chronology rather than release chronology. As I understand it, WC Saga runs alongside WC3. So what I thought would...
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    I thought I'd start one of these over here, until the RSI forums recover :) Hopefully this is ok. Something that would be nice to see included, is seemless server transitions. What do I mean by that? Well it was stated that people should be able to mod the game and set up private servers. So...
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    Privateer Playtester's Guide - Ebay

    Saw this and thought it was worth pointing out... I dunno if it is common/useless or anything like that, but I have never seen it before myself. It's way too...
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    WC vs History

    Hey there, With the updates on the main page the other day, I searched a few threads and read a few of those articles. They are thoroughly absorbing reads. The only issue I have is that they are not the easiest things to find. Yeah I can wade through the results of a search, but these articles...
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    Wing Commander Legacy (website)

    Hey all. I was doing a search for the Confed logo (I was making a car decal for Forza 4 on the Xbox :) ) and stumbled across this site... There most interesting stuff is in the stories section. Apologies if this has been posted...
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    just started playing Standoff for the first time...

    I have been meaning to play it for ages, but due to several reasons (some valid, some lazy and some just made up) I never had. Now admittedly I hardly play combat sims anymore (due to above reasons), but ffaaarrrrrrk it is hard!! I've died atlead 10 times and I'm only on mission 4. Woe...
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    Prophecy joystick button config problem

    I've just installed Prophecy and the update packs for the first time. I'm using a MS Sidewinder Forcefeedback 2 joystick in Win7. The software for mapping buttons doesn't work in WIN7, but I have found some 3rd party software. My problem is that Prophecy assigns certain actions to some...
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    SM2 Drayman defence in Firekka system

    I was playing this last night, the last mission before you fly Dralthi and was having problems. I'd fight off the Krant, but the Dralthi would destroy the thing before I could shoot the last one down. I replayed the mission and came across a bit of a bug in the game which helps. It seems that...
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    Help needed manually calculating 3 byte integers

    Hey all, I'm trying to read the 3 byte integers from the moddule.000 file. Like most programming languages, I have support for 1,2 and 4 byte integers, but not for 3 byte. eg. byte1: 125, byte2: 004, byte3:254 I've never had to manually calculate one before, so could someone explain to...
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    WC1 screen grabbing

    Hey there, sorry if this has been asked before, but... What is the best way/program for grabbing screen shots from WC1 (KS to be exact)?
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    Some ebay items...

    I don't know how rare these are, but I've never seen the speech pack before... Privateer speech pack WC 1 and 2 on one disc
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    Kilrathis Saga - Achive for posterity?

    Seeing as how KS is so rare these days, has there ever been an ISO back up made of the disks? It came to mind simply because I seem to have misplaced me KS disc 1 while moving house recently and I realised how crappy it would be if any version of WC ever disappeared without trace. Also, if...
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    KS No CD

    Is there a a no CD patch for KS?? I'm guessing not due to the CD audio on WC1 and 2, as well as the movies on WC3. If not, is there any way of copying the CDs to my HD and then telling the comp where the files are located, much like the No CD fix for MOO2
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    Bengal Carriers.

    I was just looking through the database at all the WC1 ships and noticed that whille the Tigers Claw needed 750 crew and the 'handbook'(eh?) needed 690 crew, every Bengal Carrier from the TCS Kipling onward, only needs a crew of 7. That's one hell of an efficient ship :D
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    Kilrathi Saga on Ebay

    Uk ebay sale It is up for £250.00 buy it now! I guess we could have a whip around, get it sent to CIC HQ and get it copied for everyone? It's not like we can get it elsewhere. The price tag annoyed me as I once lent my own KS set to a friend, saying 'Look after that' and I got it back 2...
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    Wc1 editing and new missions

    Hi there, this is my first post and it's going to be a long one :D I'm a long tine fan of Wing Commander, especially WC1 and I am lucky enough to have The Kilrathi Saga. I'd love to be able to play more missions on that game and have downloaded the 2 fan made missions from here, but they...