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    Weapon firing rate patch?

    Hello everyone, One of my greatest gripes with WCP/WCSO was the fact that multiple guns increased the refire delay, and IMO the refire fix for Standoff that makes multiple guns act like previous WC Games is one of the mod's best features. I'm just asking if it would in theory be possible to...
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    Funniest Duck Dodgers episode ever

    Hi everyone, I just found this surfing thru forums and thought you might enjoy this. I found the defense against the martian invasion of easy-listening music most hilarious. Check it out here Greetings, LP
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    It's been a long time...

    ...since I touched Privateer Remake, but now I want to start again. So, what's Gemini Gold like? Should I get Wing Commander Universe?
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    Standoff Episode 2 - certainly not disappointing

    Greetings to the Standoff crew, After celebrating live on #wingnut, I immediately started to play the new Standoff episode, and it is too awesomee to get any sleep now. The Standoff crew clearly managed to create some retro-style feelings: My ship feels actually deadly now, having their...
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    Joystick controls for WC?

    Hello, I think that I have a kind of problem. I'm currently on joystick hype and have some problems figuring out the controls for WC4 and WCP. It is apparently not written down anywhere and I am in dire need of help from someone who can list the joystick controls up for me. Thanks in advance.
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    The outtaken "speeder" from Privateer?

    Is there any way to feature that pie-shaped ship from Privateer outtakes that was supposed to be a "speed" ship as an easteregg or something? I'd seriously like to take it out on a ride. ...Although I doubt the neccessarity of such, it would be a nice surprise.
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    Archimedean Dynasty

    Anyone know this game? It's a true underdog, but it feels like Privateer 2 under water! If you happen to have played it or its great sequels, Aquanox and Aquanox 2, I'd like to hear your experience. PS: For all interested Germans, Archimedean Dynasty is known as "Schleichfahrt" in Germany.
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    Torpedo runs in WC2

    Hello to all fans of Wing Commander II, I'd like to see your opinions about WC2 torpedo runs. As for me, I sometimes have trouble getting out of heavy flak fire with the Broadsword, because I launch from about 2000 meters or so. The courier mission where a Ralatha shoots you with...
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    Suggestion: Wingmen

    Alright, it's fun to whoop that sorry @$$€$ of 20 opponents with autotracker guns, but sometimes it doesn't feel right. A good idea to make the universe more alive would be wingmen. I don't know the exact capabilities of Vega Strike, but it should be possible to add in practical wingman commos...
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    Funny things to do in UE...

    Whether it'S intended or not, the Scimitar's Viper Cannons pierce capship phase shields. Even though the damage is very low per shot, enough salvoes can down a capship segment. That makes up for nice challenges/tricks: -Destroy the smuggler transport in the Prelude (a valid solution if...
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    Flak Turrets VS Bomber?

    So, while I'm having my wait for the next episode, I made a little experiment. In the final mission, I picked Sabre and shot the Lionheart till it got mad and fired back. Time to abuse the single torpedo. Turrets are pretty heavy around that thing but if you go for the bridge from the topside...
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    And when there's nothing more to do...

    Hi again, folks, To make it simple: I feel I've juiced out everything of the remake. Both campaigns are complete, I'm owning any non-cap-ships possible, and I must say: You can't really invest well in something big. Broadsword? Not bad in theory, but gets shot up easily in space. Capships...
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    More Bearcat action for WC4?

    Good morning/afternoon/evening folks, Are there any fan-made missions of such in WC4 including lots of Bearcats? The Dragon gets boring of whooping everythings' butt, so i'd like to get the one and only worthy sequel of the Excalibur into action. Alternate suggeston: Is there a way to...
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    No music in Kilrathi Saga?

    Salute to the community once again, I'm really missing the music in WC1/2. All the other WC games go round with the music, but my Kilrathi Saga doesn't have any at all. Computer used for KS gamg is a 700 Mhz Pentium (I know, I know, it's a relic by now) with Windows 98.
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    Distribution between posting and reading

    Greetings, fellow users, I'm looking forward to see how you distribute your time into posting new replies or reading into the forum. I, for myself, read the forums a lot and if I see fit for a comment, I post one. So my vote goes to Somewhat more reading than posting. Thanks in advance.
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    Lack of smilies, or: Overseriousity

    Hi again community, The thread name says it all. So, where comes that nobody uses smilies? Is the forum way too seriouss, or are you simply not paying attention in a quick reply. :( Redemption for the smilies!
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    People with glasses in the military?

    Hi, Just a notice side notice, the person who is lending the face for Lt. Freyers is wearing glasses. Shouldn't people in need of glasses be mustered out, or has the TCSN different musters for the military than we do?
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    Aversions against the new mission board, big time

    Well, I am strongly disappointed about 1.0 missions. They pay next to nothing compared to 0.9 missions, and there are just not much of them. Sure, there's a lot of cargo runs now, but I'm missing a LOT of bounty missions. Please change it, please!
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    How to deal with ridiculous odds?

    Well, after working my way through the Masterson mission series (don't ask me how I did Masterson 3...), I proceeded with the Lynn Murphy missions. After accepting the first one, I got 10 demons at once thrown up against me alone. This was no trouble in the original prrivateer, as the game...
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    Getting a CD version of Privateer

    Hi, I am highly interested in the ship patches, only to find out they dont work with my version. Is there a way to download the CD version, which would be needed for the patches. Please help!