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    My wish for Wing Commander V & VI

    I think the next Wing Commander should be "Wing Commander V, The Rise of Kilrah". I know there was Wing Commander: Prophecy, it still wasn't Wing Commander V. In Wing Commander V The premise should be from the Kilrathi point of view after Blair destroyed their planet. They are a proud race...
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    WC4 DVD Weird Mouse Issues

    I Have the WC4 dual sided DVD, and it works great in XP (with the DVD patch). The issue I run in to is early in the game. You have to fly to a planet and take pictures of a complex, no problem. However I am only using a mouse (and keyboard) to play this game, and I have no problems controlling...
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    Privateer 2 save query

    I'm happily running a replacement of Privateer 2 (after a cracked disc nightmare) in dosbox, via D-Fend frontend (which rocks). Thanks E-Bay! Now that I'm finally back in the game, I forgot how to save. The manual is worthless in explaining (at least the now 2 copies I have). What am I missing?
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    Privateer 2 2nd disc cracked

    I've contacted EA and they have basically told me 'SOL' on replacing my cracked cd. Now I'm not going to ask anyone for a Privateer 2 CD 2 image, because that would be against forum rules, so I will not upset the integrity of this forum by asking someone where I can find an image of Privateer...
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    Privateer 2 doesn't work

    I have the DOS version, and tried running it in dosbox. I mount the hd and the cd and I get an error message with a 'wonga credits' at the end. I tried patching it with the Windows patch, and the game runs fine, until I try to exit the planet at which point it crashes. I tried setting the...
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    I lost the Pirate base

    I know, I'm an idiot, but I can't remember what sector it was in.