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    Armada ON-LINE

    I have found the following quote in PiArmada thread: Can we really play Armada online today?? :D Someone is currently doing? How??
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    Does Gemini Gold need PV remake for anything

    Well, I'm pretty sure this question will make look like a bloody idiot. I've downloaded both Privateer Remake and Gemini Gold (plus 1.01a patch) but still have installed none of them. I'm about to install and play GG, but I'm not sure wether it has to be installed over a previous PR...
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    No medals on KS Secret Missions

    Hi everyone! I am currently playing SM1 from Kilrathi Saga. I've transferred my character from WC1 and, in some missions, I have managed both to fulfill all missions' requests and kill every enemy ship by myself. According to Wedge009's scripts I should be able to earn some new medals...
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    It's been about 13 years and a half since Dr. Isaac Asimov died. By that time, many of us were trying to defeat Thrakhath. I think his work, mixing sci-fi and popular science encouraged a whole generation of readers, games and, if not scientist, at least a great bunch of people keen on it...
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    Law and order in Privateer

    Hi guys, I've been playing Priv againd and again and no matter how I do I always end in conflict with almost everyone. Even in charge or destroying the Steltek drone, I am pursued by confed, militian and the whole lot. Does anyone know how to clean one's record so one can navigate peacefully...