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  1. Red Baron

    Fralthra WIP

    First things first: This is Cybot078's model, and you can find his other designs here: I said myself texturing them might ruin the simple beauty they have, but here i am doing one anyway. I'm not very good at UV mapping *or*...
  2. Red Baron

    The Hidden Prince

    Look at what those sneaky Saga guys have hidden in the game files: I can only presume at one point it was supposed to actually appear in-game since it's a complete .pof with hardpoints and everything else needed, but it seems to have been cut from the campaign quite some time ago, i couldn't...
  3. Red Baron

    Fan Wallpaper

    Started reading Fleet Action again and felt like making a Hakaga Wallpaper. I know there already is an awesome recreation of the Novel Cover, but the Standoff model is just too awesome and the Hakaga's shape makes it very intimidating when you see it flying towards you. I'm no artist and did it...
  4. Red Baron

    my personal database

    The updated ships database inspired me to make some pictures myself. My aim is to make them similar to the database pictures, but use the models from the model archive instead. Just to make it clear: i did NOT participate in making these models, i just made nice little pictures with them...
  5. Red Baron

    Enterprise Props

    Sorry if my search wasn't thorough enough, but since i couldn't find a thread about it, i thought i might start one myself. It looks like some rare WC4 weapons made it to the latest (and last?) Star Trek series. I've seen them in several episodes, but "Shadows of P'Jem" makes a nice example...