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  1. Mjr. Whoopass

    Selling Wing Commanders 3 & 4 for Mac and Prophecy and Prophecy Gold for PC

    Hey guys, wow, great to hear that! I still have fond feelings for this site and the people on it and I still check it out from time to time even though I haven't posted in a while. I started as a lurker back in 2003 or so, and for the past few years I'm a lurker again. Mostly family life has...
  2. Mjr. Whoopass

    Selling Wing Commanders 3 & 4 for Mac and Prophecy and Prophecy Gold for PC

    Hello Everyone, We're out of storage space in our house and it doesn't make sense for me to hold onto these games when I no longer have a computer that plays them. I put a lot of my time into these as you can tell from my Wing Commander Standoff kill scores :). It's with some reluctance...
  3. Mjr. Whoopass

    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    This looks really impressive! I'd dreamed of playing the Kilrathi against Confed when playing the Homeworld 2 mod years ago. Does your Mod require any game other than Homeworld 2? I saw it says "Homeworld Remastered" and it's generally called a Homeworld mod and not a Homeworld 2 mod, so I...
  4. Mjr. Whoopass

    New Poll Focuses on Iconic Briefings (April 16, 2011)

    Good poll question. I'm someone who started with WC3 in High School, WC4 as an adult, followed by WC1, and yet I chose Halcyon. I liked that it was business and felt military. It wasn't overly emotional or sappy, just to the point with only occassional jokes. I could imagine that was...
  5. Mjr. Whoopass

    Wing Commander World War 2 Ship Names..

    Yes, that was a very handy list, thanks for posting it Loaf. I was glad to see the Eagle on there, which I had also already modeled and didn't realize was a Wing Commander ship name. I appreciate the ones you listed Dundradal since there's a few that I didn't realize were also WW2 ship names...
  6. Mjr. Whoopass

    Wing Commander World War 2 Ship Names..

    I've read the book, but had forgotten the names of those carriers. Glad I posted.
  7. Mjr. Whoopass

    Wing Commander World War 2 Ship Names..

    I didn't know the Ark Royal was in the games, but I happened to have already modelled that one, so cool!
  8. Mjr. Whoopass

    Wing Commander World War 2 Ship Names..

    Since October of last year, I've been painting the pieces of my Axis and Allies board game. I've been painting and naming the boats after actual WW2 ships and am looking for any WC ship names I may have missed. The options are WW2 transports, Destroyers, Battleships, Submarines, and Aircraft...
  9. Mjr. Whoopass

    A Temblor Bomb was theorized during World War 2!? Yet another WW2 parallel.

    Another thing I just noticed from looking at the picture is that the Japanese fighter apparently has its wing breaking off and on fire as a result of the ensuing eruption. Reminds me of the Vaktoth that burns up after Blair drops the Temblor in that Kilrah cutscene.
  10. Mjr. Whoopass

    A Temblor Bomb was theorized during World War 2!? Yet another WW2 parallel.

    I was reading an article in an old Popular Science magazine: Starting on Page 101, you can see an article discussing dropping bombs into volcanic lava...
  11. Mjr. Whoopass

    New Benchmark in Fancy Joysticks Set (October 10, 2010)

    Sweet. This would be part of my Wing Commander Holy Grail list: to acquire that Rapier from Luxembourge, integrate a huge computer monitor into the front, and stick this joystick inside of it.
  12. Mjr. Whoopass

    Wing Commander IV's Not Really Lost Scenes (August 11, 2010)

    The Mac version includes the Bearcat factory scene. Seeing the factory work gave me a lot of insight into the universe. Whenevery I read about factories in the books, I could picture those robotic arms pumping out those fighters.
  13. Mjr. Whoopass

    Kinda Sad

    That is very sad. My Dad passed away 12 days ago at age 60. He was battling cancer for a little over a year and I was able to spend a decent amount of time with him (still wish I had spent more). He was a fighter pilot, then airline pilot of the 777, and on his free time an evangelist who worked...
  14. Mjr. Whoopass

    What made Maniac such an asshole in WC3?

    Here are my theories: We don't see all of their interactions in the games. In addition, they may have developed a rivalry in between the time of the games. An additional possibility could be that Maniac became jealous with Christopher Blair's promotion to Colonel. Jealousy over Blair's rank is...
  15. Mjr. Whoopass

    Choose the Coolest Cockpit (May 31, 2010)

    I had to vote WC1. Having started with WC3, then WC4, I really appreciate the cockpits in WC1. I remember when I started playing WC3, the fake looking arm for me distracted from the immersion of the game. At the time, I thought cockpits also were useless since they just limited your field of...
  16. Mjr. Whoopass

    WC4 difficulties

    They're killable 2v1 on Nightmare, but with a Hellcat you can forget about completing the rest of the mission since you'll use up a lot of afterburners and/or armor. I always skipped them by flying 3.5 nav bars perpendicular to the planet, then autopiloting. After completing the planetary...
  17. Mjr. Whoopass

    OK YET MORE stupid questions...

    I completed it without the Fralthi and was surprised to find out that there is a whole other path that involves keeping the Fralthi.
  18. Mjr. Whoopass

    need help

    I didn't use barrel rolls in any of the other Wing Commander games since I was using a Mac with a basic joystick that didn't allow me to roll. The computer keyboard roll keys were nowhere near the afterburner and decoy keys I kept my fingers on, so it wasn't convenient to use them. If this is...
  19. Mjr. Whoopass

    Difficulty levels explained

    It's winnable.. and a nightmare. The mission where you defend the base along with Ferrets stands out in my memory as a really tough one to get through. I remember thinking I finished a REALLY tough mission and thinking I just barely scraped through that one, then I find out the base is being...