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    Quit Jerking Up the Voting Thread

    Hey Cris, I think that for the Privateer Gemini Gold, it should be labeled as Privateer Gemini Gold / Privateer Remake / Wing Commander Universe, mainly because they are so intertwined to separate them would be like asking “which do you like better, villa and chocolate ice-cream or chocolate...
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    The REAL Place to go.

    In order to stream line all WC stuff using the VegaStrike engine, it is recommend you post questions to
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    All Wing Commander Ships Req.

    As many of you know, the Vega Strike engine, has been improving rapidly, and the WCU is also seeing rapid growth. The goal at the moment is to capture every ship, and every cockpit, from every Wing Commander game. (WC1, WC2, Priv, WCA, WC3, WC4, WCP) In the case of the original Series...