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    Remember me?

    I have been commisioned...well...not commisioned...not asked...but...i dont know the word, BUT here is one of the models requested of me by Warzog. It is quite clearly a Bearcat. It still in g-max and i havent done anything to add it to FL yet in case changes are need (and i'm sure they are)...
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    My Confed Destroyer

    Well, this is my 3rd attempt at modelling, and its the destroyer. Again i used a reference picture and memory, so there are probably quite a few errors... Tell me what you think
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    My second model

    Well, umm, as the subject says, this is the second model that i've made, and its a favourite by all/most: The Hellcat. Now, this took me umm...2-3 hours and i think its decent for a second go (the first one i made was for a tutorial that i did). I used memory and the pic in the Ships databse for...
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    WC3 Digital Sound Problems

    When i tried to re-install WC3, i couldnt get the Digital sound to come out properly. I can only ever hear it in SoundBlaster/Compatible. And then it comes out really choppy. The music comes out just fine, though not from any of the sound blaster options.
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    Many a problem.....please help, i beg of you

    Hi, I really need some help for some problems that are happening with all my Wc games (Wc3,Wc4,WCP). WCP: I tried installing it again to give it another play on nightmare this time but when i installed and went to play it, the games came in a minized windo in my to left hand cornor. I...
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    Wc3/Wc4 problems. Please help.

    I will start with Wc3. I dont know why but when i reinstaled yestrerday and played ANY mission it starts firing my missiles when ever they lock on. I know i am not holding down the enter key. It did this before when i had Win98 on my old computer(now i have win95)but i presumed that was...