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    Wing Commander makes another appearance on YTMND

    Two appearances, actually. Enjoy.
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    Wing Commander: Legacy of the Confederation

    Yeah, I'm picking up the ol' modding mantle. I got my brain wrapped around Empire at War, and I must say, this is some of the best groundwork for a mod. I'm trying to get a hold of some of the old team(from my invasion days), and more information will follow. Some information about the mod...
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    Microsoft FF Pro 2 in Prophecy

    OK, so here's my dillemma... now that the Multiplayer Patch is on the horizon, I broke out my joystick and whatnot, but something's always bugged me about using the Force Feedback 2 joystick on Prophecy... the rudder is reversed, no matter what. If I reverse it in the options, it reverses itself...
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    Since Pioneer is a new project entirely... is there any chance of a Freelancer-style multiplayer? (not massively multiplayer, but something in the vicinity of 20-50 players at once, on a dedicated, persistant server... this would be awesome.)
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    Back from Texas (yay!)

    Well, the whole visit was a wash, and as you can see by my posting, I'm back. I woulda gotten a hold of some of yas (LOAF especially, since I was only a couple hours from Austin), but I was lacking internet, and hating life in general. That female turned out to be a real *****. Total waste of...
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    Penny Arcade now sucks(moreso than before)

    Now, I'll be honest. I didn't find all the jokes funny, but on occasion there were gemstones in the sand. Now that one of them has left the group... obviously, the less mouthy and somewhat entertaining one... the whole strip has turned to crap. I mean wholly turned to absolute fetid piles of...
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    Small suggestion (not even sure it's possible)

    Please consider the following: Privateer had turrets available to some craft. However, to operate them, you would have to switch to the turret view. I have a couple ideas to bring this to something "nifty"... 1. Hire crew. You can hire a man to operate a turret, possibly putting him under...
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    Whoever is doing the models and textures...

    you're doing a damn fine job of it. Toning down those garish 256-color schemes makes these beasts actually look military, instead of something out of a cartoon(don't get me wrong, it was great back when 256 colors was state of the art. but you can do better... which has already been proven by...
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    Prophecy movies under XP

    I seem to recall someone saying that they had cleared up the movie skipping problem in XP. Does anyone recall how? Thanks in advance.
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    Attention WC4DVD/Windows XP owners

    There is a way around Creative's abandonment of Dxr support after all! Check out my news post in the tech support section for a solution.
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    Oh, Wonderful.

    I finally get my hands on the Dxr3, and it's not supported by XP. Therefore, my WC4 continues to collect dust. Anyone have any ideas?(No, I don't mean torch Microsoft)
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    Fear not for the Wing Commander Invasion website...

    ... already, a contingency plan is in action. I have bought some webspace (the same service provider as WCMODS, incidentally), and it will be up and running within a week. Have a nice day, Manic
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    New game concept(reposted from another thread)

    Forgive me for eating up the extra .5k of bandwidth, but I really felt this idea should be looked over, and it'd likely be buried in the thread it was originally in... what does everyone think? Questions? Comments? Elaborations on ideas? Suggestions? Lemme have it! Perhaps if we flesh it out...
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    Is there a way?

    I just listened to the introduction music of WC1, from the WCKS... It is PERFECT for the opening music of Wing Commander: Invasion! The problem is, I don't know how to extract the streaming audio from the game. Does anyone know how?
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    Lost my bloody manuals...

    I require some information, and I'm sure some of you still have your manuals... could someone possibly give me the fighter listings (ie F16, SU31, etc) for the following fighters... Arrow Bearcat(I know, WCIV was very non-specific in the manual, but I got my copy OEM. no manual) :( Also...
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    Kilrathi Saga Recieved!

    Thanks Lunatic!
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    OK Here's a zinger... Which is longer and by how much?

    Here goes... The Vesuvius or the Behemoth? :) I really couldn't give an answer... which is why I'm deferring to the community. This information will likely be used in Wing Commander: Invasion. ;)
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    Hey LOAF

    I thought I was alone in copying the Claw Marks data over and over.... I even made graphic comparisons between the game eras ship stats in 97... lol