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    Secret Ops video

    How do I up the resolution and be able to access the advanced video settings? I do have an GeForce 6800, so i should be able to. Tried to search for this, but didnt come up with anything
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    Conquest:Frontier Wars

    anyone play Conquest: Frontier Wars? its a game that's remotely related to Wing Commander. Has more of the look from the movie than the game. It was first being developed by Digital Anvil, and created by Chris Roberts, but dropped and given to Ubi Soft. it's a great game, not like HomeWorld but...
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    Space sim games (SW Episode II Spoilers)

    Space sim games I know many of you do like some of the other space sims such as the Freespace series and Tachyon, perhaps even the X-wing series. But what do you guys think about Starlancer and its up coming sequel, Freelancer? on a side note i happen to enjoy Freespace and the X-wing series as...