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    Throttle issue

    I am using a saitek x52 joystick and and get the game to notice my trottle stick....any ideas?
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    Standoff error

    Just about every time I complete a mission I get a "runtime error" pop up and crash the game right before my mission summary screen comes up. I have compatibility mode enabled and I have even uninstalled standoff and secret opps and reinstalled them both and still the same thing. any ideas?
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    anyone seen this?

    Has anyone ever seen this before, I just found it the other day.
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    wc4 dvd

    I think it's cool that is is a new item but anyone notice what is wrong in this?
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    found a different WC video...

    at first I thought it was not that great but it does have some funny stuff later in it.
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    I don't even still know what to say after finding this....
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    So I'm getting ready to play WC 1 on Kilrathi Saga....I put the disc in and it starts to read and then all the sudden Boom the disc exploids or I suppose you could say just came vd drive is fine but that just sucks to be going to my new base in germany without beinbg able to play WC...
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    Concordia in Arizona

    I saw this driving home one day and thought some of you would like to see it.
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    It may not be a big deal but I passed my ASVAB for the Air Force so I'm amost there when it comes to active duty! dam I can't wait, I could be off training as soon as the end of this month or the start of January! It's going to be great to finally serve!
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    getting paid in privater

    I do the missions but I'm not getting paid, is there something I'm doing wrong? please help.
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    UE easter egg

    if you click on the window next to the one that asks if you want to quit it will take you the tiger's claw lounge from wing commander one and when you click on shot glass he says stuff in german!
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    is this

    a wing commander book from the wing commander universe we know that has a different cover that I have never seen or is it something different all together?
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    wc3 in xp

    every time I run Wc3 the kilrathi saga version the colours get all messed up after a few minutes and when I put it in 95 mode the colours are fine but then my joystick does not work so does any one know a way I could fix it so the colours get all screwed up after a few minutes? My system...
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    what would

    the Confed Space Force and Navy song of sounded like and does anyone know if there where any words made up for them?
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    look what I found

    something that you might find interestinng or cool whichever:
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    is the

    pilgrim cross worth buying? How durable are they and do they look good when you finally see it for yourself? I was wondering because I am thinking of buying one so any helpful comments would be nice. Thank you.
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    Does any one

    know what the bridge of the Midway looks like on the isdies or is there any information on that at all?
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    why is there

    two different ways to purchase wing commander 4 on dvd you know there is the double sided cd and the single side version. What makes these different if anything at all?
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    someone should

    make a wing commander mod for Imperium Galactica 2, it would be so cool. You could have your big space battles and ground battle's. So does anyone think that it would even be worth someone attempting?
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    what is the difference

    between Wing Commander 4 on dvd and the regular Wing Commander 4 for the pc? Is it just the movie quality or is it the movie quality and the gameplay?