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    Wing Commander Comeback

    cool article. lots of games I remember and would love continued. And a couple i hadn't heard of. Now I'm off to do research and buy some old games. ~~~.
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    Wing Commander Academy: The Series

    Yeah that bothered me every now and then. What bothered me more than that was when the blaster-rifle fire would randomly do damage. Like it'd be enough to hurt someone's leg, and then next blow out an entire wall. Or how Kilrathi ships would explode on impact, but main characters would have...
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    Wing Commander Academy: The Series

    Yeah, I noticed. I got it figured out and downloaded all of them just shortly after posting this thread. Been watching all night. I love this show.
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    Wing Commander Academy: The Series

    Did you make those yourself? I'd love to see the front/back of the cover.
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    Wing Commander Academy: The Series

    So does anyone on here recall the animated series? What were/are your thoughts/opinions on it? How did you first discover it? Just curious as to what other WC fans thought. Does anyone else want it released on DVD? Are there any petitions up? PS. Has anyone else downloaded the...
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    Introduction to Wing Commander

    My introduction to Wing Commander, as I recall, was playing an emulator of WC1 on my PC years ago, not knowing what i was doing, and royally sucking. Then, a few years later I got hooked on Wing Commander Academy. I love that show. Which made me try WC again. I played WC4 and became...
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    Achievement and Unlockable Ship guides for Wing Commander Arena

    Cool. Thanks a ton for the info.