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    Episode 1: back in time

    title Episode 1: back in time story chapter 1 john and jack are back in time in the academy during their youths and admiral jeffrey tolwyn is their teacher. this is before the war started. "man i hate doing math homework" said john as he did his math homework "me too" said jack as he did...
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    john fights his brother jack

    title john fights his brother jack chapter 1 john flew his ship into the gothri shuttle bay where the emperor is sittin on his throne waiting for him. "so you thought you could outwit us did you? mwahaha" laughed john at the empoeror. the emperor rised from his throne and walked to jack...
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    In Memoria ex le Jacques

    title in memoria ex le jacques story chapter 1 the crue of the TCS harmonica were all standing in torpedo bay 13 watching the memory service in memory of jack johnson, john's brother. as the reverand jeffrey tolwyn (he went to semenary school after the war won) read the prayers for his memory...
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    john and jack deal with kilrathi - a story

    title john and jack deal with kilrathi charactors John Jackson - space ace pilot, flies really good and was his first in the class at academy Jack Johnson - John's twin brother, also flies really good but not as good as John Jackson, second in the class at the academy Wilson "Stickers Smith -...