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    a little idea concerning eaw

    this is by far no announcement or so, just an idea i had when playing the eaw demo. eaw-empire at war- is pretty much the "holy grail" of all modders associated with c+c generals. basically, you have sweet looking space battles as in conquest ot st:armada, galactic campaigning as in...
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    WC:T Dorkir

    here's the kilrathi transport: it is about 1800 polies, so only a lightweight light
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    shipyard wip

    here's a wip of the shipyard station we discussed about in the general discussion forum a while ago. it weights about 8800 poligons, and each of the four scaffolds is a full kilometer in length and about 600 meters wide. since the kilrathi superdreadnaught from the messia experiment has no...
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    lightwave question

    how do i change the texture of a specific material or model/uvmap in lightwave, without touching the uv map or replacing it also for all other models? say i have 2 different lightwave models of the drayman, one as a tanker, one as a cargo carrier. both have the green-grey paint scheme, and...
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    wc1 base: asteroid or not?

    hmm, i need a confed base for the nexus mod, but i'm not sure what it should look like. it needs to have capship docks, and pegasus asteroid base is more or less the only one in the wc1 era i know of. but since space stations (especially ones with drydocks) tend to be large, costly and...
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    sheffield/coventry destroyer done

    sheffield is done. ingame shows militia colors
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    sheffield destroyer wip

    the sheffield destroyer, at a very performance friendly 1530 polies:
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    Piranha Civilan fighter

    the piranha was a main competitor for the raptor as the space force primary heavy fighter.when the confederation decided to build the raptor, boeing aerospace instead sold a downgraded version of the piranha to the open market. it has about the armor of the rapier and is slightly slower than...
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    pirate/pilgrim/retro (cap)ships in 2650ties

    does anybody have an idea what kind of ships the stated factions would use? capships woulds also be great, since nexus rrequires fighters to have a mothership
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    wc:m theme

    i was wondering if anyone has a version of it. i can't buy it any more, and i'd love to use it for the nexus mod
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    WC:T Waterloo WIP

    ok, here's a wip of the waterloo, currently at 3059 polies. i'm not too sure about the back and keel section, since i found no refernce to those:
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    website help

    folks, i really need help with this one. neither sarty nor i have any experience with html or whatever, we need somebody to set up a site for us. we have the webspace and the address, but we need somebody to do it. if you can spare the time, pls contact me
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    WC:T scimitar

    well, since we're back with wc1, we of course can't go without the worst fighter of that age;) here's the scimitar: it's at 1126 polies, btw
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    wc:t militia colors

    hmm, this should actually be a poll, but anyway. the wildcat and corsair will go to the militia in wc:t. question is, should the militia use the same green/grey paint scheme as the space force, or use a different one, like blue grey: what u think?
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    ok, here's the deal

    now, i've been doing some thinking about this. i never was all too happy about having to change everything around for wc:messia. what can basically all agree on, is that it would be awesome to have a real wc1 mod for nexus. all the ships are still there, it will take about 30 minutes to...
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    wc:messia timeline

    chris has mentioned that you can't visit our tgu forum as a guest, so here is the complete history of wing commander messia: 2690: nine years after the original bug invasion, the confederation has lost control over vast parts of vega and epsilon sector. the bugs seem to have a way of...
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    Major changes to WC:T

    it's been a while since the last news on our wing commander mod for nexus. this was mostly due to the fact that i redid large portions of the mod. the problem was my story. it was the main and only reason why i ever wanted to make a wing commander mod for nexus(or any WC mod). unfortunately...
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    the dust cannon sound

    hi, i'm looking for a machine-gun like sound for gattling mass drivers for my wc mod for nexus. the dust canon would be an excellent choice, so i wanted to ask if you guys could help me out with this one...
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    a sound request

    i'm looking for the following sounds: a chain or machine gun (for the gattling mass drivers) the neutron gun the reaper cannon
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    wc:t spikeri corvette wip

    afaik, there is no pic referances of this ship, so here's how i thought it might look. it will be armed with two neutron guns in the "mandibles" and four laser turrets